Avvir Launches Onsite, Turn-Key Reality Capture Services for the Construction Industry

Published : Friday, February 11, 2022, 10:13 am
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Avvir, a reality analysis company providing a system of record for buildings to the construction industry, today announced the launch of its newest service, Avvir Onsite. The offering provides end-to-end reality capture services for construction site managers across the country, and allows for the real-time extraction of data from the field for immediate analysis.

Avvir’s new Onsite service offers construction managers a one-stop shop for reality capture needs, from traditional stationary 3D Lidar scanning, to 360° photo capture, to drone photography. Additionally, Avvir is one of the only providers of 3D mobile scanning services using the high accuracy NavVis VLX. Mobile lidar scans allow for quick capture of large areas of construction projects and provide significant cost savings and benefits for the project team. Currently, Avvir Onsite’s mobile scanning service is available in the northeast region of the U.S., with plans to expand nationwide later this year.

“Avvir provides value to its customers by removing unnecessary barriers in the construction buildout process, and we do that by leveraging technology in a holistic and accessible way,” said Raffi Holzer, CEO and Co-founder of Avvir. “During our conversations with construction teams, we regularly heard that they would love to effectively harness 3D data and AI capabilities, but they didn’t have the means to scan their projects in the field. We realized this was a huge obstacle to fostering more intelligent, data-driven construction sites, so we set out to create a solution for it.”

Avvir Onsite’s 3D scanning and photo capture services provide enhanced findings both as a standalone product and in conjunction with Avvir’s existing offerings. This free-flow of information drives efficiency and reduces the risk of inaccuracies on construction sites because of both the high quality and sheer volume of data made available.

Construction teams understand the benefits of engaging with services like building information models (BIM) and database projects, though there is still an impediment when it comes to extracting and analyzing the data. Avvir’s suite of solutions integrates seamlessly with existing models and dashboards to get an intimate and complete view of the project at-hand and its nuances, acting as the bridge between the digital and physical worksites.

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