LIQUI MOLY makes changing the oil for automatic transmissions even easier

Published : Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 11:33 am
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Just a few years ago, changing the oil in automatic transmissions was time-consuming and complicated. With Gear Tronic, the German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY paved the way for workshops to perform a fully automatic oil change for torque converter transmissions, CVTs and DSGs. As the latest generation, Gear Tronic III makes this work even easier and more efficient.

The proportion of vehicles with an automatic transmission is growing worldwide. Even in countries where manual shifting was very widespread, it is on the decline. And just as the popularity of the automatic transmission concept is increasing, so is the need for service. Experts from the German automobile club ADAC recommend an oil change including oil flushing every 100,000 kilometers. “This is precisely why we have developed and continuously optimized the Gear Tronic concept for workshops,” says David Kaiser. He heads the Research and Development unit at LIQUI MOLY.

The new Gear Tronic III device shines with a number of improvements compared with its predecessor: A robust 7-inch color touchscreen with enhanced display provides a better overview. The work instructions are also displayed there, including the correct adapters and pictures from practice on the vehicle connections. David Kaiser: “The complete vehicle database with more than 2000 vehicle models and all the information is now right on the device. Additional data carriers and logins to other systems are a thing of the past.” This simplifies and speeds up the work.

Networking also offers other benefits: The servicing data can be sent directly to the printer or to an e-mail address of the workshop via WiFi. Regular and free updates will also be installed automatically via the Internet in the future.

Not only has the flow of data been optimized, but also that of the lubricants: The drip tray has been enlarged to a capacity of 4.6 liters and the drain widened.

In terms of appearance, the third generation clearly stands out from the second generation. Grey has become black. “It’s easier to maintain,” says David Kaiser. “Black is also the color of our Pro-Line product range for professional users. This means that the new device fits perfectly into the picture.”

LIQUI MOLY launched Gear Tronic in 2015. Three years later, the second device version followed – both bestsellers. Several thousand units are in use worldwide. “It’s no surprise, because workshops can use it to expand their range of services to include an oil change for automatic transmissions,” says LIQUI MOLY’s Head of Development.

“The purchase quickly pays for itself,” says David Kaiser. “Because, like changing the motor oil, changing the transmission fluid is also important. Otherwise there is a risk of difficult shifting and increased wear. If not changed in time, the dirt and metallic abraded matter contained in the oil can cause costly mechanical damage to the mechatronics and the gearbox section.”

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