Published : Thursday, March 24, 2022, 12:02 pm
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UK-based audio technology company, Warwick Acoustics Ltd, is primed to disrupt the $8 billion automotive in-car audio market with its revolutionary ‘ElectroAcoustic Panels’ based on its patented Electrostatic Loudspeaker technology.

With the company’s innovative solutions continuing to be proven in high-end headphone systems and intense automotive R&D having taken place over the last five years, Warwick Acoustics is now exiting ‘stealth mode’ as the world’s first audio technology company to engineer Electrostatic based audio systems for automotive applications.

The exceptional audio quality of Warwick Acoustics’ Electrostatic technology has been critically acclaimed in the premium headphone market, where the company has earned over 30 global awards.

With a rapidly growing portfolio of fundamental patents on Electrostatic Transducer design characteristics and manufacturing processes, Warwick Acoustics becomes the first organisation worldwide that is capable of delivering the same unrivalled, remarkable and immersive listening experiences to the premium in-car audio sector.

Proven Benefits in Automotive Applications

Warwick Acoustics’ ElectroAcoustic Panels bring significant whole vehicle system benefits compared to the use of conventional audio technology. Like-for-like, ElectroAcoustic Panels are up to 75% lighter, consume up to 75% less power and offer significant interior design and packaging freedom.

As automotive manufacturers (OEMs) set key sustainability objectives, including the decarbonisation of their supply bases to become carbon-neutral, Warwick Acoustics’ ElectroAcoustic Panels deliver breakthrough speaker solutions for OEMs in achieving such targets with the use of 100% by mass upcycled and recyclable materials. Additionally, ElectroAcoustic Panels do not use any unsustainable rare earth elements whatsoever – something that conventional speakers rely upon in the manufacturing process.

ElectroAcoustic Panels offer automotive designers and engineers significant freedom over speaker location and cabin integration. Unlike conventional speakers, ElectroAcoustic Panels can be moulded into diverse form factors and incorporated into almost all interior surface designs. This creates additional space within vehicle interiors for passengers, as well as freedom for automotive manufacturers to innovate visual interior designs, creating new and distinctive in-cabin experiences.

With Warwick Acoustics’ ElectroAcoustic Panels now automotive-grade ready, the development of this new technology is well-timed with OEMs’ rapid transition to electrification and life cycle sustainability.

Mike Grant, CEO of Warwick Acoustics, commented: “We believe that our revolutionary technology is capable of transforming premium audio within the automotive sector through both the extraordinary acoustic quality our solutions deliver to consumers, and the multifarious and significant benefits our solutions deliver to OEMs.

“It is exciting to finally exit ‘stealth mode’ after many years of intense R&D. While we have proven our Electrostatic Loudspeaker technology in the high-end headphone market – securing widespread critical acclaim for unequalled, immersive and precise sound quality – it was always clear that it was in the automotive sector where the initial significant opportunity for the company lies.

“The relevance and value of our technology have only increased as the transition of the sector to sustainable technology quickly accelerates. The substantial improvements we have made in terms of weight saving and power reduction become even more compelling with EVs than ICE-powered vehicles. In addition, the sustainable benefits of our speakers in terms of the use of upcycled and recyclable materials is a game-changer for OEMs who are all rapidly seeking to decarbonise their supply bases.

“Our business is primed for expansion. Our ElectroAcoustic Panels are automotive-application ready. We have assembled a world-class team with an exceptional depth of industry experience. With strong financial backing, the company is now scaling the business rapidly to capitalise fully on the opportunity in front of us to be a global leader in our field.”

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