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Published : Thursday, April 28, 2022, 7:06 pm
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TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 (TGS2022), to be held physically at Makuhari Messe from September 15 (Thursday)to September 18 (Sunday), is now accepting entries to free exhibition slots under the Selected Exhibit feature specifically open for indie game developers.
Entries are accepteduntil May 27 (Friday), 2022.

We proudly announce that our sponsors* to support indie game developers participating in Selected Exhibit and other related projects are: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Nintendo, Kodansha Game Creators’ Lab, iGi indie Game incubator and ELSA Japan (Application acceptance order).

*TGS2022 offers Platinum, Gold and Device Sponsorship plans depending on the content of sponsorship.

TGS has set up the Indie Game Area since 2013 with the aim of letting the world know about the attractiveness and possibilities of indie games while promoting exhibition support projects for talented indie game developers including individuals.

In addition to the Selected Exhibit feature and with the support of our sponsors, this year’s TGS will host the game idea pitch contest “SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT(SOWN)”, introduce exhibited game titles through the official website and pre-event streams, and run the campaign to vote for the best indie games, along with other projects.

Through partnerships with our sponsors, TGS2022 will offer exciting opportunities to cast spotlight on indie games, a treasure trove of unique ideas. Don’t miss to join us.

●Now accepting entries for Indie Game“Selected Exhibit”(by Friday, May 27)

Any indie game developers, whether professional, amateur, individuals or corporations, can apply for Selected Exhibit, a free exhibition project in Indie Game Area of TGS2022, as long as they meet the qualification requirements. Eighty game titles are planned to be selected for exhibition after going through a screening process.

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