Kakao Games Opens up Dysterra for Global Beta

Published : Friday, April 29, 2022, 7:06 pm
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Kakao Games and developer Reality MagiQ has announced its upcoming multiplayer sci-fi shooter Dysterra will be open to players for an upcoming global beta test this May.

Running between May 4-17, players will be able to participate in the multiplayer beta via Dysterra’s official Steam page — simply by clicking the ‘Request Access’ button.

Dysterra is an online multiplayer game, mixing solid first-person shooting with sophisticated survival and crafting elements, in a distinct dystopian world; following the Terrafire — an enormous pillar of fire that erupted after humans began mining the Earth’s core. Players have to fight to survive as the planet’s final days ebb away.

During the global beta test, they will engage in ferocious battles with a mixture of melee weapons and firearms. While the more taxing crafting requirements (lowering the entry barrier for shelter construction, etc) have been modified to accommodate the game’s beta period, with Kakao Games and developer Reality MagiQ wanting participation to maximize the interaction between players. There will also be more of a focus on acquiring special skills through relentless combat and base occupation.

After feedback from the game’s followers — collated from previous gameplay tests — the expectation is that players will find more hit satisfaction, an upgraded UI, and greater development of motion-capture animations.

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