IKEA Korea ‘Express yourself, Making Living Room as I Want’ Campaign Announcement

Published : Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 7:39 pm
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On the morning of August 29th, IKEA Korea held an announcement to present the new strategy 'Express yourself, making living room as I want' in Bread Comma, Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. This event was attended by representatives including IKEA Korea CEO Andre Schmidtgall, Nicolas Johnsson Marketing Manager, and Choi Yun-ha Marketing Assistant Manager.

Through this meeting, IKEA Korea introduced a new strategy to focus on this year, 'Express yourself, making living room as I want'. Regarding this year's theme, "living room," IKEA Korea will continue to offer home furnishing ideas and solutions that will not only utilize the space but also love the home depending on new strategies.

André Schmidtgall, CEO of IKEA Korea, explained about the result of the 2017 fiscal year (from September 2016 to August 2017), "The sales were KRW 365 billion, which is up 6% from the last year, and IKEA Family member subscribers exceeded 1.2 million." He also said, "In particular, IKEA Goyang, which is scheduled to open on October 19th, is expected to attract more people to get inspiration of IKEA's various home furnishings."

▲ André Schmidtgall, CEO of IKEA Korea

▲ IKEA Goyang, scheduled to open on October 19th

IKEA Korea will open IKEA Goyang store on October 19th. It is located in Wonheung district, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. It has a total floor area of 164,000m^2, 3 basement floors and 4 ground floors. Prior to opening the Goyang store, IKEA Korea said it is trying to get closer to Goyang citizens through activities such as placing fire hydrants to existing traditional markets in Goyang city. In addition, 550 workers will be employed through the "IKEA Goyang Job Fair", and about 2,500 people had applied for the job fair.

Nicolas Johnsson, IKEA Korea Marketing Manager, explained the new strategy of IKEA Korea's 'Express yourself, making living room as I want', "Through this strategy, I hope that Korean consumers will be able to look back the meaning of 'living room' and reconstruct it as a space to show off their individual taste and personality."

▲ Nicolas Johnsson, IKEA Korea Marketing Manager

▲ Choi Yun-ha, IKEA Korea Marketing Assistant Manager, explained about "Hej Geosil" pop-up exhibition.

The 'Express yourself, making living room as I want' strategy redefines 'living room', which is the everyday space. IKEA Korea focused on the point that living room is a space where the family is gathered together for the most time and is recognized as the most preferred space at home, while most lives in a living room are similar due to limitations of experience, time, cost and space, and the satisfaction level was low. IKEA Korea will provide a variety of home furnishing ideas and solutions to help Korean consumers freely express themselves in the living room and make it a place to enjoy everyday life.

Meanwhile, as part of the new campaign, from August 30 to September 17, IKEA Korea will hold a 'Hej Geosil' pop-up exhibition space at Bread Comma, Yeonnam-dong. In 'Hej Geosil', you can find four themed showrooms, new products, and catalogs for 2018 that IKEA suggests. In addition, it is introduced that the possibility of free self-expression and space utilization will be delivered through a new 'Brandrama', which will be released from 29th through TV, Internet, SNS, etc.

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