Published : Friday, June 24, 2022, 9:03 am
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XLGames and Kakao Games are happy to announce that the Great Prairie of the West region is now available for all ArcheAge players.

Players can venture into this brand-new region and discover a whole new world of adventures. Whether exploring the Wildflower Forest or travelling to the Forgotten Spike — there are a host of new discoveries on offer. Further details on the new region, along with the upcoming Guardian Scramble game mode, can be found here.

To mark the occasion, a Back-to-Arche event will be taking place from June 23 through until August 25. During this period, players can log onto the official website and receive up to €1500/$1500 worth of in-game rewards as a coupon from their web inventory. Rewards will vary based on whether players are new/returning or an existing account, but offer exciting items to utilise, gaining up to 10,000 gear scores.

In tandem with the Back-to-Arche event, a number of other celebrations will also be taking place. Starting on June 23 and running until July 28, a Level Boost Event will allow players to purchase support packages for each level from the Marketplace, helping players level up faster with growth stones.

Additionally, a Daily Consumable Aid Event will enable players to purchase the Homecoming Warrior’s Gift from the Marketplace; this can be bought once a day to assist in combat. While a Level Achievement Event sees the Passionate Leap: Great Prairie Celebration package available at the Marketplace. This will include a Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone, Fruit of Effort Box, and much more.

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