MIFA Outdoor Speaker, with a new camping speaker series, creates a high-quality camping experience.

Published : Monday, June 27, 2022, 3:51 pm

NEWARK, Del., June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- MIFA is a global brand of professional waterproof outdoor portable speakers. As a pioneer of a new generation waterproof camping light speakers, MIFA recently released its professional camping Bluetooth speaker, WildCamping. This lightweight camping equipment combines the function of an outdoor speaker with outdoor lighting and will amaze campers who love the outdoors.


With its lightweight design, excellent performance, amazing sound quality, and excellent practical functions, MIFA WildCamping Bluetooth speakers provide users with first-class music enjoyment and outdoor lighting experience for outdoor activities such as camping, cross-country, self-driving, walking, and hiking. (For more information about MIFA, please visit:

Creating a high-quality camping experience

The new WildCamping camping Bluetooth speaker features a lightweight design that combines outdoor lighting with an outdoor portable speaker and provides users with various scene applications. It not only provides lighting for the camp at night but also provides music enjoyment at any time.

  • The extremely lightweight design redefines portability. It is both an outdoor speaker and a camping light.
  • IP67 is waterproof, dustproof, and environmentally adaptable for -15℃ to +45℃. Guaranteed for use in the harsh outdoor environment.
  • Two built-in 45mm full-range speakers, two 45mm * 65mm low-frequency amplifiers, and 360° surround sound provide amazing sound quality.
  • 9600mAh lithium battery provides 13 hours of use and serves as a power bank for charging a mobile phone.
  • When you go to the mountains for camping and cannot play through streaming media, use a micro SD card to play endless audio on your MIFA speaker.
  • Bluetooth 5.3 connection provides stronger anti-interference, lower latency, and more stable transmission performance. You can also connect two mobile phones or tablet PCs at the same time via Bluetooth.
  • Supports PartyAdd multi-connection technology, which allows the connection of 100+ sets of WildCamping or other MIFA models that support PartyAdd.

MIFA always surprises in the field of outdoor audio

Among professional outdoor speaker brands, MIFA is young and creative with manufacturing strength. MIFA's customers can be found in 63 countries and regions worldwide. MIFA is committed to providing users with high quality, outstanding characteristics, and practical experience in outdoor portable audio products, and makes everyone feel the heartbeat brought by enjoying music outdoors.


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