World's Smallest Whisky Bar Opens in Edinburgh today

Published : Friday, August 5, 2022, 11:22 am
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Independent whisky bottler Cask 88’s pop-up bar at the Edinburgh Festivals is smaller than the average, but promises a highly satisfying experience.

As around 500,000 expected visitors descend on Scotland’s capital for the 75th anniversary of the world-renowned Fringe Festival, Cask 88 is offering thirsty festival goers a tiny slice of whisky heaven. On Princes Street, sitting snugly on the corner of Hope Street and Shandwick Place, can be found a very unique whisky bar; with a floor space of 1.978 square metres, it is the world’s smallest. The award-winning independent bottler and cask traders have transformed one of Edinburgh’s 142 classical police boxes into a custom-built whisky bar, with just enough room for two guests to fit inside - providing they don’t mind getting very close indeed.

The world’s smallest whisky bar will provide welcome relief from the crowds of Edinburgh in festival season, open from 12 - 7pm daily between 5 - 28 August 2022. Visitors seeking the most intimate whisky experience in Edinburgh can book their slots through Eventbrite. They will be granted 10 minutes in the bar to sample one dram selected from Cask 88’s catalogue of unique single cask Scotch whiskies - safe in the expert hands of PC Peat, who is probably the world’s tallest bartender for the world’s smallest whisky bar. You know what they say - large hands, large drams (winky face).

Opening its doors to Edinburgh like never before, Cask 88 are welcoming anyone who wants to learn how to get a little bit closer to their whisky through cask ownership and independent bottling. Whereas most whiskies are a blend of many different casks to produce a consistent product, Cask 88’s independent bottlings each originate from a unique and individual cask of whisky. By sampling Cask 88’s single cask bottlings, visitors to the bar will gain an exclusive insight into the journey from cask to glass. The experience will include the opportunity to purchase a selection of enviable merchandise; immortalise your name as one of the bar’s first guests in our adequately-sized bespoke visitors’ book; get rather close and personal with special guests, and much more. Visitors will leave with a full appreciation that it’s not the size that matters, but what you do with it.

“Cask 88 opening the smallest whisky bar in the world fits ideally with the type of brand it is,” said Cask 88 Head of Sales Carl Johnstone. “A single cask of whisky produces a very small run of around 200 to 500 bottles - it’s the very definition of small batch - but at Cask 88, we appreciate that small things can be perfectly formed, and unique in their own way. A visit to our bar will give you a great insight into who we are and the wonderful world of single cask whisky.”

Environmentally-conscious festival goers can walk away from the bar guilt-free, since the drams will be served in ‘glassware’ provided by Mr Stroodles: fully edible, delicious, and aligning with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s sustainability goals to lower the overall waste the festival produces.

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