Four cakes crafted with Shine Muscat grapes, chestnut and Early Grey, all classic autumn ingredients

Published : Monday, August 29, 2022, 2:50 pm
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Patisserie, the pastry boutique at Park Hyatt Busan is featuring handcrafted seasonal delights for any occasion and is presenting a new selection of autumn cakes available from September 1.

Celebrating the sweet seasonal aromas of Shine Muscat grapes, the “Shine Muscat Cake” is made of soft chiffon sponge sheets filled with white chocolate mousse and Shine Muscat grapes. The “Shine Muscat Tart” is filled with vanilla cream and topped with Shine Muscat grapes and yogurt mousse. The “Chestnut Cake”, combines chestnuts, one of autumn’s most celebrated ingredient chestnut with aromatic coffee sponge and a filling chestnut vanilla cream, topped with even more chestnuts. The “Earl Grey Roll Cake”, another classic aroma throughout the fall season, dominates with Earl Grey infused vanilla Chantilly cream and decorated with sugar pastry maple leaves representing the beauty of changing nature.

All of these limited-edition homemade cakes, full of autumn flavors, are available at Patisserie on the first floor of the hotel from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Prices start from KRW 55,000 for whole cakes and KRW 11,000 for cake slices (including tax). The Early Grey cake is available by the slice only.

Inquiries and reservations: +82 51 990 1300

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