TGS2022 : Official Programs Attracted 2.7 Million Views in Total

Published : Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 8:22 pm
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Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (“CESA”, Chairman: Hideki Hayakawa) held the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 (TGS2022) for four days from September 15th (Thursday) to 18th (Sunday). Today, we have tallied and announced the number of viewers and visitors for the main online events of TGS2022.

605 companies and organizations exhibited at TGS2022. In addition to setting up a real venue for the first time in three years, the organizer and exhibitors distributed official programs, and online projects such as the VR venue "TOKYO GAME SHOW VR 2022 (TGSVR2022)" were also implemented, making it the first hybrid event.

The official programs were distributed on various platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, niconico, Twitch, and Steam. For China, programs were distributed on video media such as DouYu, bilibili, HUYA, and Douyin. For Europe, the United States and other countries, we collaborated with IGN, one of the world's largest game media companies, to distribute programs.

In addition to the Japanese version, most of the programs are also available in English with simultaneous interpretation and subtitles. Some programs were streamed with simultaneous interpretation in Chinese, and many people from overseas also watched them. As a result, the total number of views of live and archived distributions was 2.7 million times (period: September 15th to 26th).

TGSVR2022, a VR venue for the second year, was also held for four days from September 15th to 18th. This year's TGSVR is set in a "dungeon", where visitors can explore vast spaces and clear hidden quests to make their adventure even more enjoyable. The total number of visitors over the four days was 398,622, and the average stay time was about 33 minutes.

Over the past three years, our daily lives and entertainment have changed rapidly, and while there are still various restrictions, TGS2022 was held under the theme of "Nothing Stops Gaming" with the strong belief that gaming will continue to brighten people's lives. We would like to thank the press for your extensive reporting on both the real venue and online programs.

"TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023" will be held from September 21st(Thursday) to 24th (Sunday) , 2023 (real venue: Makuhari Messe). Please look forward to the ever-evolving TGS.

*The number of visitors to the real venue of TGS2022 was announced on September 18th. Please see below.

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