Looka Inc. Designs Winning Ad Strategy with Microsoft Advertising

Published : Tuesday, October 4, 2022, 9:30 am
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New ad format from Microsoft uses automated AI technologies to deliver attention-grabbing visuals for Looka users

  • Looka is an AI-powered graphic design company that automates design processes to create eye-catching brand identities.
  • With Microsoft Advertising, Looka will help customers efficiently reach audiences with attention-grabbing ads to deliver better business results.

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#branding--Looka Inc., a leading AI-powered design platform further establishes its online advertising strategy through multi-media ads with Microsoft Advertising. Looka users currently face a significant challenge of building awareness among targeted audiences – and with the value of search advertising continuing to grow, multimedia ads can help a brand communicate its value, amplify product discovery, inspire action, and build brand loyalty through rich ad format.

Microsoft introduced multimedia ads in 2021 – a responsive ad format to effectively combine headlines, descriptions, and images, by delivering attention-grabbing large visual ads.

“For a logo design and branding company like Looka — where visuals are a key selling point — Multimedia Ads from Microsoft Advertising have proven to be an effective addition to our acquisition portfolio,” said Matthew Sison, Growth Manager, Looka. “Not only do they take up more real estate in the search results page, which allows us to showcase our customers' beautiful logos, but they drive fantastic business results.”

The impact of this strategic partnership has been significant – after adopting the visually attention-grabbing Multimedia Ads, Looka has seen a 200% increase in return on ad spend and the ads now account for 25% of revenue generated by Looka’s customer acquisition campaigns.

"It's been exciting to partner with Looka," Says Vi Nguyen, Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Microsoft Multimedia Ads (MMA), “Through our partnership, Multimedia ads have helped Looka stand out and get noticed allowing them to enrich their brand storytelling.”

Since its inception in 2016, Looka has generated over 200 million logos for its users and has since built a business name generator, print shop, website builder, domain registrar, and a complete marketing stack: Brand Kit. Looka’s Brand Kit subscribers can now get $250 in multimedia ad credits when brands spend $50.

Learn more on how you can design a custom logo and market your business: Looka: How it Works.

About Looka Inc.

Looka is an AI-powered logo maker that provides business owners with a quick and affordable way to create a beautiful brand. Since launching as Logojoy in 2016, the company has served over nine and a half million people in 188 countries. Looka provides businesses with logos, social media assets, business card designs, and websites. Learn more at



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