A Sense of Soigné : Seoul Restaurant to Host First-of-its-Kind Feast for the Senses on December 30th

Published : Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 11:36 am
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Soigné in Seoul is to host ‘Soigné NIGHT’, a multi-sensory, gastronomical experience, on December 30th 2017. The event will be the first of its kind in South Korea, as attendees are invited to undergo a range of sensebased activities as they enjoy Soigné’s one Michelin Starred cuisine.

The evening will see the restaurant divided into sections, each allowing visitors to engage in an exciting, food-based activity.

Owner-Chef Jun Lee says that curating a ‘dramatic dining experience’ has been one of his main goals since starting his culinary career. He has also drawn inspiration from El Somni; a documentary released in 2014 showing inter-disciplinary collaboration between various artists to create a unique eating experience.

“The documentary claims that such a dining event is only possible in a historically artistic city like Barcelona,” says Chef Lee. “I wanted to rise to the challenge of re-creating such a thing in Seoul. If any restaurant here in Korea can do it, I believe it is Soigné.”

Owner-Chef MR. Jun Lee

The Soigné Night amuse bouche course will include partitioned ‘sight’, ‘smell’, ‘touch’ and ‘hearing’ zones, allowing guests to indulge their senses as they enjoy the first course of the meal. Activities will range from visual association trials, to blindfolded tasting sessions.

Following the amuse bouche multi-sensory experience, guests will move to the bar area and enjoy a classic, five-course menu with table-side plating service. All dishes served at Soigné Night are to be curated especially for the evening and will not be available as part of Soigné’s regular menu.

Soigné Night costs 400,000 KRW per person, and includes luxury wine pairing, and a secret ‘gift box’, with prizes ranging from homemade jams to a Soigné dinner gift card for two.

For more information, or to book, call (+82) 2-3477-9386
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