Kafnu Launches its Flagship Lifestyle Space for Creative Minds in Taipei

Published : Friday, January 19, 2018, 5:18 pm
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Kafnu launches its full-service lifestyle space designed for creators in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan. Blending a physical social network with diverse facilities and services, Kafnu Taipei comprehensively fulfills the living, working, playing, learning, and resting needs of creators, enabling a new generation of entrepreneurs, artists, start-ups and companies to come together in a place and mutually benefit and contribute to a new creative ecosystem.

Morris Sim, Chief Executive Officer for Kafnu said, “While creators today are more digitally-connected than ever, they often work alone which can be isolating. Our belief is ‘together, we go faster,’ hence Kafnu facilitates this belief in a vertical village and provides the spaces, tools, and services to develop creators’ potentials. Taiwan has a vibrant creative class that has already delivered world-class innovations in technology, media, and design. We are proud to launch our first flagship here in Taipei to accelerate the achievements of the yet-to-be-discovered stars and introduce them and their products to the world.”

Lien Chu, Kafnu North Asia General Manager said, “Our mission is to help people who feel like they have something new to contribute to the world, but are missing some pieces to go further in their journey. Kafnu Taipei occupies an entire 12-story building, and along with our community managers and partners, offer these creators the help they need to fill the gaps, including access to the international market via our spoke in Hong Kong and future Kafnu in the rest of Asia-Pacific.“

- Human capital and talent development

Community managers are the people pillars of Kafnu, curating its experiences and building the creator network. In June 2017, Kafnu held auditions to recruit community managers from across Taiwan. The team of 12, culled from over 500 participants, is comprised of people of diverse backgrounds, interests, and perspectives. United by the belief that ‘Together, we go faster,’ each community manager has been individually mentored and coached by senior management to develop their own talent, as well as how to add value to members beyond traditional hospitality services.

Kafnu Community Manager, Mimo Lee, said, “Before I joined Kafnu, I planned to work as a marketing or PR consultant, but instead I’ve gained invaluable experiences in both. In the last three months, I’ve been given a budget to run ad campaigns, I’ve conducted media calls, I’ve also run large-scale events to introduce Kafnu. Last week, I hosted 2 episodes of a talk show that were livestreamed on Facebook and viewed more than 150K times in less than a week. I've learned more in three months from these opportunities and from my mentors than I did in the previous three years combined. Now, I want to share what I learned and help our members.”

- 12 floors of integrated space combines diverse zones of live, work, play, learn, and rest

Kafnu Taipei is designed as a 12-floor vertical village with diverse zones catering to a creator’s needs. In the work zones, there are state-of-the-art working and collaboration spaces, as well as comfortable, spacious lounges for members to socialize with others. The live and rest zones, provide co-living, dining, and accommodation facilities for members to lounge, rest, and relax. For members with artistic ambitions, the media zones at Kafnu Taipei offer music recording studios and green screen rooms with professional equipment. In addition to the latest media devices, IT and interactive design technologies, Kafnu has play zones to inspire creativity and to produce more effectively. This includes the in-house restaurant ‘Morsel Taipei’ on the first floor serving avant-garde northern European tapas inspired by Taiwan, as well as the K2 bar on 12th floor for members to take some time out from their busy day, relax and have a drink with friends. An urban fitness center, Oxygen Lab, hosts yoga, Zumba, TRX, and pilates classes for members around the clock. Kafnu’s learn zones inspire fresh thinking and motivation with a two-story event space fitted with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a 300-inch (6 meter high) screen for film viewings, presentations, and workshops.

Technology unifies all zones in the space, including a ‘digital gallery’ of connected monitors and surfaces that showcase members’ projects and successes throughout Kafnu. Kafnu also provides a mobile app with a members-only discussion forum, enabling space and room bookings, and listing all upcoming events. The entire space features biophilic design, with six aquascapes designed by an award-winning masters reminding members of the living ecosystem Kafnu creates.

- Kafnu’s membership and business partners co-create the creator lifestyle

With the cutting-edge spaces, tools and services, Kafnu Taipei brings together diverse groups of people to optimize the power of the physical social network to accelerate the realization of an individual’s or community’s creator potential.

To help members achieve their creative vision and focus on what they love to do, Kafnu has signed up 20+ partners with exclusive benefits for members. Current Kafnu Taipei partners include The Affairs, Airpopo, Boxful, Brand Karma, honestbee, KPMG, Microsoft, Lalamove, Simpany, ShutterStock Premier, SurveyCake, Yourator, Uber and Zipcar. Kafnu partners are active members of the community, hosting events, and regularly onsite to meet with members.

Kafnu Taipei will operate mainly on a membership system, with four-tiers of memberships available. Member-only services includes discounts from the Morsel Taipei restaurant and K2 bar, professional consultations from international business partners, and a range of services provided by community managers. Five-day passes start at NT$4,000 and monthly plans at NT$10,000.

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