HYPERCONNECT announces it's newest AI publication at EMNLP... AI Technology proven yet again

Published : Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 2:07 pm
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HYPERCONNECT will present a new publication on AI research at the International Natural Language Processing Conference 'Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)' following last year.

EMNLP is one of the world's top three natural language processing societies along with ‘NAACL’ and ‘ACL’. This year's conference will be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from December 7 to 11. The title of the paper presented by HYPERCONNECT is 'Measuring and Improving Semantic Diversity of Dialogue Generation'.

Established in 2014, HYPERCONNECT has since risen to prominence as a global video technology company with world-class specialty and experience in video communication and AI. Its in-house AI lab perennially experiments ways in which to apply innovative technology to product development and operation, thereby cultivating bilateral growths in productization capability and technological excellence at the same time. 

With the application of Web RTC technology on mobile devices in 2014, HYPERCONNECT firmly established itself as a leading disrupter in the industry. In 2016, HYPERCONNECT then introduced a machine learning based real-time voice translation function for the application 'Azar' in collaboration with Google. A year later, in February 2017, HYPERCONNECT succeeded in installing an ‘On-device AI’ image recognition function onto ‘Azar’, proving once more its ability to develop innovative technology.

At the 2018 ‘Low Power Image Recognition Challenge’ (LPIRC) held by CVPR, HYPERCONNECT ranked second after Qualcomm and received much public attention. At the 2019 International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2019), HYPERCONNECT furthermore garnered favorable reviews from deep learning experts with 'MarioNET', a face reenactment technology that creates a video that can imitate a face (driver) in motion as long as it has a field (target). This development was also hailed as noteworthy by leading foreign media outlets in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

HYPERCONNECT continues to develop its technological assets and has presented over 12 papers in the past four years, winning Best Paper Awards at numerous internationally renowned conferences. Currently, HYPERCONNECT has registered 120 global patents along with about 280 global applications in Korea, the United States, Japan, and Europe, boasting its own technology competitiveness.

* HYPERCONNECT International Paper Presentations and Awards

Category : Presentation thesis topics and awards history

■ Video processing

▶ (2022) ‘Learning with Noisy Labels by Efficient Transition Matrix Estimation to Combat Label Miscorrection’ at the 2022 ECCV, the world’s best image processing conference

▶ (2021) ‘Disentangling Label Distribution for Long-tailed Visual Recognition’ at the 2021 CVPR, the world’s best deep learning conference

▶ (2020) ‘MarioNETte: Few-shot Face Reenactment Preserving dentity of Unseen Targets’ at the 2020 AAAI, the most prestigious academic society in the field of artificial intelligence

▶ (2019) ‘MarioNETte: Few-shot Face Reenactment Preserving Identity of Unseen Targets’ at the 2019 ICCV, the world's largest conference in the field of computer vision

▶ (2018) 2nd place in the LPIRC, Low Power Image Recognition Challenge at 2018 CVPR, a premier annual computer vision and deep learning event

■ Natural language processing(NLP)

▶ (2022) ‘Measuring and Improving Semantic Diversity of Dialogue Generation’ at the 2022 EMNLP, the best international conference in the field of natural language processing (NLP)

▶ (2022) ‘Meet Your Favorite Character: An Open Domain Chatbot That Imitates a Virtual Character with Simple Speech’ at the 2022 NAACL, the world’s most prestigious natural language processing conference

▶ (2022) ‘Understanding and Improving the Exemplar-based Generation for Open-domain Conversation’ at the 2022 ACL workshop, the world’s leading natural language processing association

▶ (2021) ‘Distilling the Knowledge of Large-scale Generative Models into Retrieval Models for Efficient Open-domain Conversation’ at the 2021 EMNLP, the best international conference in the field of natural language processing (NLP)

■ Voice processing

▶ (2022) ‘Temporal Knowledge Distillation for On-Device Audio Classification’ at the 2022 ICASSP, the world’s most prestigious speech signal processing conference

▶ (2020, 2019) HYPERCONNECT® has been recognised for its achievement in the voice processing field (Speech recognition-based keyword detection and speech synthesis) for two consecutive years by INTERSPEECH, the world’s highest authority in speech language processing

■ Machine learning

▶ (2021) ‘A Model that Effectively Predicts the Click-Through Rate’ at the 2021 ICLR, the world’s best deep learning conference

▶ (2021) ‘Embedding Normalization: Significance Preserving Feature Normalization for Click-Through Rate Prediction’ (Feature Paper) at the 2021 ICDM, the world’s leading data mining workshop - Recipient of the Best Paper Award

■ Security

▶ (2021) ‘Security Reinforcement Measures for Manufacturing Companies Promoting Smart Factories’ at the 2021 Hacking Defense Contest (HDCON). - Recipient of the Award of Excellence

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