Shutterstock Held Press Conference for Strategy Announcement

Published : Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 6:03 pm
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Shutterstock held a press conference at InterContinental Seoul COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on the morning of December 8th, 2017. The event was organized by Shutterstock, currently participating in Seoul Design Festival, to introduce its strategy and was attended by Yvonne Januschka, Asia Pacific Sales Director.

Yvonne Januschka, Asia Pacific Sales Director of Shutterstock, said, “Shutterstock has been adding digital media such as high quality photos and illustrations since its establishment in 2003 and is strengthening its position as a creative platform based on the latest technology. Korea is a very important market for Shutterstock, and we are working hard to make a better business relationship. Thank you for your interest in Shutterstock.”

▲ Shutterstock held a press conference for strategy announcement.

▲ Yvonne Januschka said, "Since Korea is a very important market, we are working hard for a good relationship."

According to the introduction, founded in 2003 by Jon Oringer in New York, Shutterstock provides high-quality licensed photos, vectors, illustrations, icons, videos and music to professionals in corporate, marketing agency and media around the world. Shutterstock also provides a separate business solution for workflow enhancements of business and agency through Shutterstock Premier Platform.

Currently, it has more than 160 million images and 8 million videos from more than 300,000 contributors and an average of 150,000 new images are added every day. Approximately 1.7 million customers are using Shutterstock in more than 150 countries around the world, and the number of downloads has reached 500 million so far, equivalent to 5.5 images downloaded per second.

Korea is in the top 5 of Shutterstock's Asian market and about 1,000 participants are working at Shutterstock. Recently, Shutterstock's mobile app has been updated to make it easier for domestic users to browse and download images whenever and wherever they need them. In partnership with Shutterstock, Shutterstock provides opportunities for participants to develop through space and activity support where they can profit from their talents, and participants enrich Shutterstock's library. In the meantime, Korean illustrator Kim Yeon-hee was selected as a representative of Asia in 2017.

▲ Shutterstock is a creative platform based on digital media.

▲ Korean illustrator Kim Yeon-hee was selected as a representative of Asia in 2017.

Shutterstock continues to evolve by introducing various innovative technologies without stopping providing images and videos. First, it introduced a search based on its own developed convolution neural network technology. In addition to searching for images by keyword, 'reverse image search' function allows users to search similar images of the look and feel by analyzing the algorithm of their images.

Next, by introducing a new watermark generation function, it protects the participants' assets from the algorithm that Google revealed and watermark removal method using computer vision technology.

Through API integration with Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft PowerPoint, users can also use Shutterstock photos and illustrations directly within each application. This allows creative professionals to design faster and smarter. In addition, beginning in 2013, it began supporting Facebook's basic ad creation platform through collaboration with Facebook, and this allowed advertisers to add professional images to the ads they post on Facebook at no additional cost.

By partnering with Shutterstock Premiere, National Geographic has made it easier to find the right images for video themes and improved its workflow. BBDO, a global advertising agency, has also partnered with Shutterstock to deliver high quality content and boost the level of advertising campaigns.

Moreover, through Shutterstock and API integration in 2016, Google has begun using Shutterstock images for its advertising platform, making it easier for users to use images that match their digital advertising messages.

As for how Shutterstock will develop its activities in the Korean market, Yvonne Januschka said, “Shutterstock participated in the Seoul Design Festival and shared many exchanges with Korean designers and marketers. We are delighted to introduce Shutterstock's innovative technology to support these activities, and we will continue to introduce a variety of innovative features for Korean companies, marketers, designers, entrepreneurs and participants.”

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