Restaurants Have More Customers Than Ever … but Fewer Workers to Serve Them

Published : Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 12:44 pm
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The National Restaurant Association reported that in 2022, sales surpassed $900 billion, increasing by about 12.5% from 2021. (1) It is expected that sales will keep increasing in 2023, reaching $997 billion by the end of the year.(2) Yet, restaurant owners and operators are having to cope with staff shortages. Nearly 2 million openings remain unfilled in restaurants, bars, hotels, and casinos nearly three years after the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the labor market. (3)

“Restaurants can handle an upsurge in customers without needing to increase staffing to accommodate them. Tech solutions can increase the customer footfall, ultimately resulting in happier customers, higher profits, and bigger tips,” says Brian Duncan, President of me&u USA, a global leader in at-table ordering specializing in restaurants and bars.

Even though many other industries have recovered, the leisure and hospitality sector, which contributed significantly to the nation’s job growth before the pandemic, still lacks about 500,000 workers from 2020 levels.

“By adopting scan-order-pay technology, restaurants can reduce strain on their staff and significantly improve the customer experience. Diners can sit down and enter their orders as soon as they’re ready. Servers can cover more tables during a shift without becoming overwhelmed or sacrificing customer service,” concludes Duncan.

Brian Duncan, President of me&u USA, can speak on the following:

What are the factors leading to staff shortages across the restaurant industry?

How can restaurant owners and operators deal with staff shortages?

How can scan-order-pay technology help restaurants enhance customer experience despite operating with reduced staff?

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