Live streaming project called, “Anileap” has officially launched

Published : Monday, March 20, 2023, 1:12 pm
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KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE(KAC) is a King Records label which was established for producing music and movies for mainly Anime and voice actors. KAC has announced that they will launch the live streaming project called, Anileap, which is streaming anime songs to the world 24/7 for all 365 days.

“Anileap” is a project which aims to create a community where everyone in all generations in the entire world can enjoy anime songs casually. Since last June, the Official YouTube channel for KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE ( started streaming as a test with a β version.

It has been a place where users can encounter and rediscover Anime songs which are legendary in Anime song’s history or also some of the latest songs from the Reiwa era. Now “Anileap” has launched officially.

The system is almost the same but there is additional footage on top of the original animation for the anime songs. So, users might see new animation depending on the time which the users visit the site.
The original animation was done by the animation art project called, NOSTALOOK. A girl called “LEAP chan”, who travels the universe, will show her various activities during her stay inside of the spacecraft while she is listening to the Anime songs.

Let’s access “Anileap” and find out what kind of loop animation can be seen and how the loop animation changes.

Furthermore, at the time of the official launch of the “Anileap”, the promotional video is released!

The Animation which is created by NOSTALOOK feels somehow nostalgic and will make you expect the promise of Leap chan’s adventures in the near future. Please check it out!

King Records has been supporting the Anime scene tremendously so don’t miss what their Anime Song Live streaming project will achieve. They sincerely wish you a new and re-discovery with Anime songs through “Anileap”.

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