Aaron Yan's first 17Sing APP live stream, Q&A, and dare or truth, Guaranteed not to Be Boring

Published : Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 6:43 pm

TAIPEI, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Watching Aaron Yan's concert for free, is there such a good thing? On March 18, 2023, Aaron Yan, the brand ambassador of 17Sing APP, hosted his first live-streaming debut on the 17Sing APP "online karaoke room". 17Sing also invited the top three winners of the "17Sing APP Super Star Cluster" singer contest to perform and interact together. The whole process was full of fun, attracting tens of thousands of people to watch the live stream online.

Aaron Yan, the spokesperson of 17Sing APP, hosted his debut in the private room of 17Sing APP. Aaron hadn't broadcast live for a long time, and answered all the questions on the day of the live broadcast. He says that he couldn't help singing in elementary school, even causing trouble to teachers and classmates, but the teacher gave him a reward certificate for singing. 

Although he has shown a high level of hosting in a variety of reality shows in recent years, Aaron Yan has always kept his original intention in his heart and has worked hard to move forward in the direction of a singer for more than ten years without stagnation. Although he was affected cold before the live streaming, Yan P still tried his best to sing well to satisfy the wishes of fans. In addition to singing the two ultra-classic works "Your happiness is my happiness" and "Suddenly", he also sang a new song "The Other End of Lonely". When singing "Suddenly", Aaron Yan also shared: "This song is actually related to the earthquake. All natural disasters will bring regrets, but I hope everyone can remember the past and heal the pain through the song. The super heartwarming speech made the fans say so moved.

The Internet has broken the constraints of time and space, and the emerging"online concerts" has satisfied fans' desire to watch their favorite artists perform anytime, anywhere. Online concert allows the users watching concerts at home in the most comfortable posture, is like watching from the first row, attracting hundreds of thousands of netizens to watch. Coupled with the increasingly sophisticated recording function and beauty function of the 17Sing APP, it brought an unparalleled audio-visual feast to the audiences.

"About 17Sing APP"

As a popular karaoke social app among young people. The 17Sing APP has a large music library, combining the big data algorithm with the user's personal preferences, the 17Sing APP can be tailored for the user and recommend songs that meet their taste. Let users easily deal with the difficulty of song selection and solve the problem of not knowing which song to sing. In addition, the 17Sing APP also provides a variety of different styles of "online karaoke rooms", so that users can enjoy karaoke with their favorite music style, and make like-minded friends and enjoy the fun of interactive communication. At the same time, 17Sing APP has been continuously optimizing product functions, introducing new features, providing users with the best user experience, and paying attention to the spiritual needs of users. Offering every user a space to expressing themselves in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. "Your mobile singing app, 17sing", sing with Aaron Yan, and leave good memories. For more replays of Aaron Yan's live stream, please follow 17Sing APP's official Facebook account.

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