D&D Coffee Club have harnessed the fire to launch the first officially licensed D&D themed coffee blends

Published : Friday, March 24, 2023, 10:18 am
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Fans of Dungeons & Dragons can now curate their own brewing experience, with the launch of four new quality coffee blends. The D&D world has never been more popular and has enjoyed continued hype from television series such as Stranger Things and The Big Bang Theory. This will be a big hit with Kaeth lovers (that's coffee to those who are unfamiliar with the D&D universe) as each, and every blend is freshly brewed with top quality flavor notes suitable for adventurers!

- About Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons has enchanted fans for nearly 50 years with innovative gameplay, allowing friends and family to adventure in fantasy worlds together. The World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game boasts more than 50 million fans to date who have enjoyed the franchise through video games, novels, comics, roleplaying games, and accessories. A major feature film produced by Paramount Pictures and eOne, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is poised to captivate audiences in 2023, and fans can experience D&D online right now through easy-to-use tools on D&D Beyond.
Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club has stayed true to its roots by representing the mystical creatures in D&D through its coffee blend names.

- Owlbear Blend

Owlbears are ferocious forest predators that also have an unexpected sweetness that allows them to be tamed. Much like owlbears, this nutty Colombian arabica comes from mountainous forests. It presents an unexpected mix of earthy notes with fierce orange tang.

- Beholder Brew

This brew is dark and powerful. We might say that it makes you as alert and energized as a beholder using all ten of its eye stalks to watch out for intruders. This traditional Italian roast, created with South American arabica, provides a smooth, chocolatey taste. The addition of Vietnamese robusta adds a crisp, dark cherry palate to boost your focus and sharpen your senses.

- Dragonfire Roast

Red dragons guard their treasure hoards with gouts of fire. One such treasure is this: a strong, single origin Brazilian arabica roasted dark by dragonfire. Anyone brave enough to snatch it from the hoard will taste notes of bittersweet cocoa (and a slight hint of a toasted adventurer).

- Displacer Beast Decaf

Displacer beasts bend light around themselves to appear as if they’re standing several feet away from their true location. (That’s bad news for their favorite prey: adventurers.) Much like its namesake, Displacer Beast Decaf plays a clever trick on the senses. With 99.9% of the caffeine removed by the Swiss Water method, this decaf blend has all the flavor of regular coffee with none of the jitters. Its South American arabica blend roars in with bold chocolate flavors that will leave you dazzled – but hopefully not devoured.

This launch brings something refreshing to the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Players can now congregate to embark on their favorite role-playing game adventures, whilst sharing and enjoying D&D themed coffee. The thing that keeps most D&D players hooked is the anticipation of what’s to come, so they can now immerse themselves even further into the experience with a pick-me-up themed around their favorite monsters. That’s what’ll keep them coming back.

The brand-new coffee brand will be launching first in the UK, with availability in North America to follow. The versatile range will roll out with a choice of whole bean and ground coffee, expanding to further products such as concentrate, capsules and brew bags. D&D Coffee Club will also launch with a subscription and rewards system for members, where loyalty will be rewarded with discounts on merch and exciting opportunities within the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.

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