Work-Life Balance: The Connection to Healthy Romantic Relationships

Published : Wednesday, April 5, 2023, 11:13 am
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83% of U.S. employees say their personal relationships are negatively impacted by burnout from work. FlexJobs’ Work-Life-Relationship survey indicates 64% of U.S. employees feel that a flexible job would positively impact their romantic relationships, and a staggering 80% believe it would enable them to be more attentive partners.

Recent data reveals that 48% of working Americans consider themselves workaholics, with 94% of U.S. service professionals admitting to clocking over 50 hours per week. 53% desire a better work-life balance for overall well-being, and 66% confess to lacking the desired work-life balance.

“Work easily consumes one-third of a person’s time, but some professionals become enmeshed with their careers. Like finding the right business idea, organization, or team, finding the right romantic partner is a process. It takes effort, skill, and self-knowledge,” notes Patrick Ryan, Founder of Wingman For You.

Studies show that the percentage of Americans who successfully managed their professional and personal obligations dropped from 65% in 2020 to 60% in 2021. According to another FlexJobs survey, 73% of respondents said work-life balance is the second most important perk they look for and consider when evaluating a job offer.

“Having a work-life balance means fulfilling your work commitments while still having the time and energy to fulfill your personal commitments. Having social confidence forms the basis for success in both personal and professional spheres, as it allows an individual to effortlessly adapt to social scenarios, cultivate meaningful relationships, and establish a strong persona that ultimately attracts potential prospects and growth,” concludes Ryan.

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