Geiger Gruppe and WiTTRA Join Forces to Revolutionize Waste Management Operations

Published : Thursday, April 13, 2023, 7:27 pm
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WiTTRA is pleased to announce its new partnership with Geiger Gruppe, a leading company in the construction industry. With WiTTRA's cutting-edge IoT technology, Geiger Gruppe can enhance its recycling and waste management operations, optimize its workflow, and provide even better service to its customers.

"Geiger Gruppe has been a prominent player in the waste management and recycling industry for many years. We are proud to be their partner and provide them with the latest technology to collect and analyse real-time data," said Hakan Dackefjord, CEO of WiTTRA. "Our IoT sensing and location services will enable Geiger Gruppe to optimize its operations and achieve its sustainability goals."

Geiger Recycling, a company within Geiger Gruppe, offers reliable disposal and processing of municipal waste, recycling services for waste wood, construction waste, and waste streams containing metal. With an extensive network of processing, recycling, and disposal plants, Geiger Recycling provides efficient and economical solutions to its customers.

"With WiTTRA's IoT technology, we can further enhance our recycling and waste management operations, optimize our workflow, and provide even better service to our customers," said Fabian Ritter, Head of Innovation. "This partnership will enable us to take our operations to the next level and continue to be a leader in the waste management and recycling industry."

The partnership between WiTTRA and Geiger Gruppe showcases the importance of technology in waste management and recycling operations. As demand for sustainable waste management solutions continues to grow, companies must adopt new technologies and find innovative ways to improve their operations. WiTTRA's solution, using its WIPE (WiTTRA Intelligent Positioning Engine) based on 6 LoWPAN, is ideal for businesses of all sizes, scalable, customizable, and provides highly accurate and reliable location data both indoors and outdoors.

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