EU Promotes High-Quality Canned Peaches With Campaign "Peach Flavors Asia"

Published : Monday, April 17, 2023, 11:47 am
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Within the framework of the European-financed campaign "Peach Flavors Asia", the EU has aimed to promote high-quality European canned peaches produced with the best food safety standards. Designed to reach as many consumers as possible, increase product awareness, and offer people in Asia the opportunity to savor the exceptional taste of European products, "Peach Flavor Asia" has implemented a series of promotion and information actions, and initiatives undertaken at an international level.

European canned peaches have been promoted in international exhibitions in Jakarta and Vietnam. At Sial Interfood Jakarta: 09-12 November 2022 and Food & Hotel Vietnam: 07-09 December 2022, visitors had the opportunity to learn about the delicious flavor of fresh, superior-quality European canned peaches from Greece. These peaches are naturally sweet with a unique aroma. Delicious and juicy, as they were just cut from the tree, these EU canned peaches can be a component of gastronomic and pastry choices.

This high-quality European product was, also, introduces to the Asian public through Product Presentations and Food Tasting Events at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers in Vietnam, as well as at Shangri-La Jakarta Hotel, in Jakarta, throughout February 2023. During these events, people could taste canned peaches, enjoy their freshness, and get informed about their numerous options to use the European product in their daily nutritional habits.

These actions are implemented within the EU-financed campaign "Peach Flavors Asia" in order to enhance public awareness of the high-quality European canned peaches.

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