Silicon Labs and Wirepas joint offering or smart buildings, smart tracking and smart metering

Published : Tuesday, May 9, 2023, 11:17 pm
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Wirepas, a leading IoT connectivity SW provider has announced its Wirepas Mesh 2.4 GHz connectivity suite will soon be available on Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) EFR32MG24 and that their Sub Ghz connectivity is now available on EFR32FG23 SoCs. The MG24 features high security, large memory and low power which makes it particularly interesting for smart building applications. The FG23 is designed for smart metering that requires high performance long range at a highly cost-effective price point with Wirepas’ advanced low memory footprint routing. The SoCs adds to Silicon Labs’ BG21 and BG22 on which Wirepas Mesh 2.4 GHz is already available and targeted especially for smart tracking.

Wirepas and Silicon Labs have further strengthened their partnership with the addition of these SoCs to our portfolio, which provide highly competitive and affordable solutions for IoT projects in smart buildings, smart metering, and smart tracking at massive scales. We are actively participating in several ongoing India smart metering tenders and expect the majority of the 250 million smart meter tenders to be awarded by the first half of 2023, where our EFR32FG23 SoC and Wirepas Mesh 865-868 MHz profile are an excellent fit for the smart metering market needs. That is continuation of the success story of millions of smart meters together in the Nordic countries. While EFR32MG24 with Wirepas Mesh 2.4 GHz profile is a perfect match for various smart building applications like occupancy sensing and condition monitoring. Chosen already by leading Building Management System companies. Customers can upgrade their designs from BG21 to MG24 with minimum software effort thanks to one SDK.” says Jani Vehkalahti, head of Sales at Wirepas.

“Within the building automation market and use cases that range from simple water leak detectors to building access control systems and all the way up to full room controllers, the EFR32MG24 paired with Wirepas can connect entire buildings” said Mark Beecham, Staff Product Manager of Building Automation at Silicon Labs. “This offers residents a seamless and pleasant experience while allowing building management companies the ability to scale to larger networks and to more services.”

Portfolio summary with Wirepas Mesh


Main market: smart buildings
Features: 2.4GHz, high security, low power
Available in 3Q 2023, early access available now

Main market: smart metering
Features: Sub-GHz, highly cost-effective, long range.
Available now

Main market: smart tracking
Features: 2.4GHz, ultra-low cost and power.
Available now

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