The 44th Anniversary of EBS : New Emblem Ceremony

Published : Monday, June 25, 2018, 4:53 pm
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On June 21 at 11 am, EBS (Korea Educational Broadcasting System, CEO Chang Hae-rang) held an event celebrating the opening of the new building and the commemoration of its founding at the Ilsan EBS headquarters.

At this event, which was organized to celebrate the opening of the EBS headquarters in Ilsan, Goyang City, and the 44th anniversary of EBS, about 200 people including performers, viewers, EBS executives and about 60 people from policy, broadcasting, education, and related organizations such as Lee Hyo-sung, a chairman of Communications Commission, Kim Byeong-wook, a member of Democratic Party of Korea, Kim Sung-tae, a member of Liberty Korea Party, Shin Yong-hyun, a member of Bareunmirae Party, Kim Kyung-jin, a member of Party of Democracy and Peace, Ban Sang-jin, director of Korean Educational Development Institute, Choi Sung-ju, co-representative of People's Coalition for Media Reform, Choi Sung, mayor of Goyang city, Ha Yun-su, president of Korea Federation of Teacher's Associations, etc.

The ceremony was followed by unveiling of EBS artworks informing EBS new headquarters, a ceremony to celebrate the 44th anniversary, and a tour of broadcasting facilities including TV studios and e-learning studios.

▲ Early in the morning, the front door of new EBS headquaters was busy with reception of guests.

▲ The road from the parking lot to the main entrance is decorated with a view of EBS history.

▲ The opening ceremony was planned in a format where the EBS executives and invitees were in one place.

▲ Prior to the start of this event, visitors from all walks of life, including the broadcasting industry, were socializing in one place.

▲ On ‘Hope Tree’ in the lobby, it was able to hang cards with wish lists, directing points, etc. for EBS.

▲ A ceremony was held at 11 am to commemorate the opening of the new EBS headquarters.

▲ Through the unveiling ceremony, a new emblem was officially released to commemorate the 44th anniversary.

▲ Attendees from EBS, broadcasting, etc. gathered together to hope for the development of EBS.

Meanwhile, EBS began in 1974 with radio school broadcasting. EBS is the only educational and public broadcasting company in Korea that was established in 2000 as Korea Educational Broadcasting Corporation and has been steadily carrying out its role to realize universal educational welfare.

EBS contributes to supplement of school education, realization of lifelong education, and development of democratic education and provides good quality of contents through broadcasting, internet and mobile to realize educational welfare of the people. Especially, as a leader of E-learning education, it promotes various international cooperation projects and contributes to the proliferation of educational Korean Wave.

Based on the slogan of ‘Restart 2018 Education Changes the World’ with 2018 as the 2nd first year of the foundation, EBS will produce high-quality contents that lead education innovation agenda and life-cycle customized contents for the 4th industrial revolution era. In addition, in line with the recent era of peace on the Korean peninsula, it will lead collaborative content planning and production and promotion of education and cultural exchange between South and North Korea through establishing South-North Educational Exchange Promotion Committee.

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