The 44th Anniversary of EBS : Commemorative Ceremony

Published : Monday, June 25, 2018, 4:56 pm
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EBS (Korea Educational Broadcasting System, CEO Chang Hae-rang) held a ceremony for the 44th anniversary on June 21 at 11:10 am at Space Hall of Ilsan EBS headquarters. The commemoration ceremony was conducted by actor Shin Se-kyung, who was in charge of the EBS popular program 'Let’s Get Together Ding Dong Deng’, and Choi Tae-sung, a star lecturer in EBS Korean history.

The event began with a commemorative video showing the history and educational value of EBS over the past 44 years with viewers. In the middle of the ceremony, Kim Hyun-chul, who hosted the special project ‘Parents’, child actor Kim Ah-yun, and Kim Jae-hyun of EBS Dream Scholarship gave special performances and received cheers from the audience.

▲ The ceremony was held with EBS executives, broadcasters, academics and journalists attending.

▲ Kim Jae-hyun of EBS Dream Scholarship celebrated the 44th anniversary and the new headquarters with his own song 'Everyday'.

▲ The ceremony was conducted by actor Shin Se-kyung, who was MC of ‘Ding Dong Dang Kindergarten’, and EBS star lecturer Choi Tae-sung.

▲ Choi Tae-sung made a deep bow for wishing development of EBS and received a big applause from visitors.

After the ceremony, a tour of broadcasting facilities such as EBS TV studio and E-learning studio, which were newly built for providing viewers with better contents, was progressed.

Through keynote, CEO Chang Hae-rang presented the new promise for the future and the efforts of EBS. Welcoming the 2nd foundation, he stated, "EBS will make a people-centered mission of ‘forming happy community living together’ and become the world's best public education platform in the world.”

Moreover, he revealed that EBS is promoting 15 public projects including social innovation through education, customized content for each life-cycle, creative fusion for fostering creative fusion-type talents, starting-up, cultural arts, software, media literacy, multicultural education, etc. by saying, “We will find out the tasks that only EBS can do as an educational public service broadcasting, which is demanded by the era, and try to achieve them.”

Lastly, he revealed his strong ambition and concluded the ceremony by saying, “EBS will achieve the tasks that only EBS can do in order to fulfill EBS's dream and promise to make a beautiful world through education.”

▲ VIPs including Lee Hyo-sung, a chairman of Communications Commission, delivered congratulatory speech.

▲ CEO Chang Hae-rang revealed visions and future strategies of EBS through keynote.

▲ Musician Kim Hyun-chul and actor Kim Ah-yun gave special performances. Kim Hyun-chul also gave a closing ceremony.

▲ EBS is planning to have the quantum jump at the Goyang headquaters after closing 44 years of Seoul era.

Meanwhile, EBS began in 1974 with radio school broadcasting. EBS is the only educational and public broadcasting company in Korea that was established in 2000 as Korea Educational Broadcasting Corporation and has been steadily carrying out its role to realize universal educational welfare.

EBS contributes to supplement of school education, realization of lifelong education, and development of democratic education and provides good quality of contents through broadcasting, internet and mobile to realize educational welfare of the people. Especially, as a leader of E-learning education, it promotes various international cooperation projects and contributes to the proliferation of educational Korean Wave.

Based on the slogan of ‘Restart 2018 Education Changes the World’ with 2018 as the 2nd first year of the foundation, EBS will produce high-quality contents that lead education innovation agenda and life-cycle customized contents for the 4th industrial revolution era. In addition, in line with the recent era of peace on the Korean peninsula, it will lead collaborative content planning and production and promotion of education and cultural exchange between South and North Korea through establishing South-North Educational Exchange Promotion Committee.

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