Collegiate esports growing rapidly in Pakistan, Gamer Pakistan and ESP execute MoU's with 115 universities

Published : Friday, May 26, 2023, 10:41 am
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Gamer Pakistan today reported upon the rapid growth of collegiate esports in Pakistan, announcing that together with affiliate Elite Sports Pakistan they have entered into their 115th university sports Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that gives Gamer Pakistan exclusive rights to conduct, broadcast and commercialize esports competitions at these respective universities.

“We’ve experienced exciting growth in our Gamer Pakistan esports collegiate network, driven by the outstanding efforts of Muhammad Jamal Qureshi and his team,” said James Knopf, Gamer Pakistan CEO. “They’ve taken us from 100 university MoU’s in March 2023 to 115 today, providing concrete testament to the popularity of university esports in Pakistan. With analysts estimating growth from 36.8 million gamers in 2022 to 50.9 million gamers in Pakistan by 2026, we are excited to continue engaging with the highly desirable collegiate demographic.”

“The enthusiasm and skills of these collegiate gamers gives us great confidence in the future of esports in Pakistan, and we are highly motivated to provide the stage with which they can compete in global esports competition,” said Elite Sports Pakistan CEO Muhammad Jamal Qureshi. “Our university network is ramping up as the premier esports league in Pakistan and we are grateful for these universities that have the foresight to make these competitive sports and career advancement opportunities available for their students.”

Gamer Pakistan is the premiere university esports partner for secondary education institutions in Pakistan, creating the format and events to provide a competitive environment in which to nurture budding esports talent at the collegiate level. In addition, Gamer Pakistan provides them with opportunities to represent Pakistan globally in their journey to becoming world-class professional esports athletes.

Gamer Pakistan has signed university sports commercialization Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with 115 universities from the public and private education sectors, and also with the Inter-University Consortium for the promotion of Social Sciences Pakistan (IUCPSS), which has an affiliation with up to seventy universities.

Gamer Pakistan was founded in November 2021 to create college (in Pakistan, “college” refers to pre-university programs comparable to high schools in the U.S.), university, and professional esports events for men’s and women’s teams. The company is conducting competitive events that integrate Gamer Pakistan university teams and leagues with regional and global competitions sponsored by others.

Esports is a form of competition using video games in organized, multiplayer video game tournaments. Players use mobile devices, computers, and video game consoles to compete against each other virtually or before live audiences. Gamer Pakistan is developing a strong platform built on licensed technology to enhance user experience with interactive features, and competition among players through the organization of tournaments and other events that support esports. Commercialization is accomplished through the sale of advertising and sponsorships to accompany event broadcasts and merchandising of products co-branded with our institutional partners and sponsors.

To date over eight hundred hundred teams have registered in different Gamer Pakistan competitions, whereas four hundred-plus esports teams have been registered exclusively in esports competitive games including PubG®, Call of Duty®, DOTA2®, Free Fire®, Tekken®, FiFa®, Valorant® and CSGO®. Gamer Pakistan also plans to proffer development contracts with the top winning teams in Valorant and Call Of Duty to provide for the betterment and development of these aspiring esports athletes.

Gamer Pakistan has organized and held over 30 separate esports competitions, including the first annual University Esports National Tournament and Championship in 2022. In December 2022 GP held the week-long inaugural National Esports Free Fire Championship.

2023 Gamer Pakistan esports competitions include National Valorant League, Islamabad Esports Championship, Sindh (Provincial) Intervarsity PubG Tournament, KPK FIFA Championship, Lahore Esports (LAN event) Championship, GP Pakistan Tekken Championship, Gamer Pakistan National FREE FIRE League and the Punjab (Provincial) Open Esports Championship.

Elite Sports Pakistan Pvt. Ltd, (ESP) is Gamer Pakistan’s affiliate company and duly incorporated under the laws of Pakistan. ESP has entered into agreements with universities and sports authorities in Pakistan pursuant to which we have been granted exclusive rights with respect to licensing, producing, distributing and monetizing a range of sports events for inter-collegiate competition, including esports. ESP has been instrumental in forming Gamer Pakistan.

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