Curve Games and Runner Duck reveal Badlands Crew, the third Installment in the Crew games franchise

Published : Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 6:58 pm
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Curve Games have once again joined forces with Runner Duck to publish the third installment in the popular Crew games franchise: Badlands Crew. In this challenging roguelite sim set in the U.S. in the aftermath of a devastating apocalypse, players can, for the first time in the series, command a land vehicle as they navigate, manage and battle their way through the treacherous Badlands to become a hero and legend.

As a protector of The Citadel, the last outpost of the surviving innocents, players must journey into the lawless Badlands to conquer crazed factions of marauders and defeat their evil chief, The Orator.

With a host of innovative new features to the series, such as vehicle building and customisation, a dynamic and evolving campaign, and tactically diverse and intense combat encounters - Badlands Crew will provide players with a richer and more immersive gameplay.

Jon Wingrove, Technical Director and Co-Founder of Runner Duck, said: “We've taken everything we've learnt from Bomber Crew and Space Crew and are working on all new and improved features, which hugely increase the ways players can approach the game. With gnarly vehicle combat and its post-apocalyptic setting, we're aiming to make Badlands Crew the most exciting and successful game in the franchise.”

Key features:

NEW! Build and customize your battle wagon to suit your mission objectives and playstyle.
NEW! Land-based setting with environmental hazards (giant sandworms, acid rain storms, lava flows and more!)
NEW! Four unique enemy factions - Gun Nutz, Pyros, Klowns and Vultures, each with their own unique weaponry, combat styles and strategies.
NEW! Dynamic and evolving campaign map where players can pick their own unique path and campaign strategy to shift warlord influence throughout the campaign.
NEW! Deep crew customisation - evolve your crew’s skills, abilities and perks to complement your battle wagon’s unique design and capabilities.
As always in the Crew series, intense vehicle management! Command your crew to drive, navigate, repair and fight to survive.
Badlands Crew is set to launch in 2024, releasing first on Steam with consoles to follow.

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