Skillprint CEO Chethan Ramachandran to Speak at SIGGRAPH on August 7 in LA

Published : Thursday, August 3, 2023, 12:44 pm
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Skillprint, a pioneer in personalizing games to match the personality, cognitive skills, and motivations of players, today announced that its CEO, Chethan Ramachandran, will be a distinguished speaker at SIGGRAPH 2023, showcasing the latest advancements in computer graphics and interactive techniques. This year’s conference will be held August 6-10 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. On August 7, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Room 518, Chethan Ramachandran will present an enlightening session on "Unleashing the Power of AI to Personalize Games."

Chethan's talk will delve into groundbreaking advances in utilizing artificial intelligence to customize gaming experiences based on individual players' unique attributes. By exploring the intersection of AI, gaming, and personalization, attendees will gain valuable insights into how AI can revolutionize the gaming industry by driving innovation in the games industry, enhancing player engagement, and fostering player fulfillment.

Skillprint is at the forefront of pioneering cutting-edge AI technologies to enhance gaming experiences for players worldwide. Drawing upon neuroscience research, player gameplay data, and comprehensive game characteristics and ratings, Skillprint recently launched into beta the AdaptivePlay AI Platform that evaluates and nurtures players' cognitive skills and personality traits to provide a personalized gaming experience. Over time, AdaptivePlay will provide developers with the ability to balance the game’s difficulty, progression, rewards, and gameplay in real-time based on the player's personality, behaviors, and abilities.

For more information about Skillprint and to schedule a time to meet at SIGGRAPH, please visit

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