28th BIFF : Actors LEE Je-hoon and PARK Eun-bin to Host Official Opening Ceremony

Published : Sunday, August 27, 2023, 3:07 pm
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The 28th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), to be held for 10 days from Oct 4 (Wed) to Oct 13 (Fri), has confirmed actors Lee Je-hoon and Park Eun-bin as the opening ceremony hosts.

Actor Lee Je-hoon, known for his unique presence in all his works, and actress Park Eun-bin, who has captured the hearts of audiences with her subtle acting skills, will inaugurate the 28th BIFF as co-hosts of the opening ceremony, which will take place Oct 4 (Wed) at 19:00 (KST) at the BIFF Theater in the Busan Cinema Center.

Actor Lee Je-hoon quickly emerged as a rising star with his intense performances in films such as Bleak Night (2011), The Front Line (2011), and Architecture 101 (2012). Following that, he showcased a broad range of acting skills in various genres, as seen in films like Anarchist from Colony (2017), I Can Speak (2017), and Time to Hunt (2020). Notably, he gained recognition as a trustworthy actor worldwide, in drama series such as Signal (2016), Move to Heaven (2021), Taxi Driver (2021), and Taxi Driver 2 (2023). During the 26th BIFF, he unveiled his directorial debut Unframed (2021), which garnered enthusiastic responses from both critics and the media. Currently, he is working to broaden his scope from being an actor to encompassing the realm of an artist with a diverse spectrum.

Actress Park Eun-bin built her recognition through numerous commercials, TV programs, and series. After winning the KBS Drama Awards’ Young Artist Award for her role in Empress Cheonchu (2009), she received much love from viewers through Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (2010), Secretly Greatly (2013), Secret Door (2014), Hello, My Twenties! (2016), Stove League (2019), and Do You Like Brahms? (2020). Park acted as the first-ever cross-dressing queen in a Korean historical drama with The King's Affection (2021), which won the first International Emmy Award as a Korean drama series. Park solidified her position as one of the most beloved and prominent actors in Korea with Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022), winning Best Actress at the 4th Asia Contents Awards and the Grand Prize in TV at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Actors Lee Je-hoon and Park Eun-bin, who previously shared chemistry as a couple in the drama series Secret Door (2014), are expected to bring their dynamic energy as they reunite as co-hosts for this year's BIFF opening ceremony. With the announcement of the opening ceremony hosts increasing anticipation, the Busan International Film Festival is set to begin with the opening ceremony on Oct 4 (Wed) and will be held for 10 days until Oct 13 (Fri) at the Busan Cinema Center.

■ Actor LEE Je-hoon’s Filmography

Films: Bleak Night (2011), The Front Line (2011), Architecture 101 (2012), My Paparotti (2013), Anarchist from Colony (2017), I Can Speak (2017), Time to Hunt (2020) and more

Drama Series: Fashion King (2012), Secret Door (2014), Signal (2016), Where Stars Land (2018), Move to Heaven (2021), Taxi Driver (2021), Taxi Driver 2 (2023) and more

■ Actress PARK Eun-bin’s Filmography

Films: Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (2010), Secretly Greatly (2013), The Witch: Part 2. The Other One (2021) and more

Drama Series: Hur Jun, The Original Story (2013), Secret Door (2014), Hello, My Twenties! (2016), Hello, My Twenties! 2 (2017), Stove League (2019), Do You Like Brahms? (2020), The King's Affection (2021), Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) and more

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