2023 Busan Story Market Announces Asian IP Selections

Published : Thursday, August 31, 2023, 6:05 pm
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Busan Story Market (BSM), which was launched last year and became the world’s first IP content sales market, has revealed its Asian IP selections.

- IPs from Taiwan, Japan, and Indonesia to Visit Busan! BSM 2023, Raising Expectations as Asia’s Largest IP Contents Sales Market

Busan Story Market is an IP sales market that introduces exceptional stories, the foundation of all content, to be reproduced to various formats of content and supports the transaction between copyright holders and producers. BSM, which selects and introduces high-quality IPs from Japan, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, in addition to Korea, each year, has drawn steady participation from Taiwanese IPs and IP holders with its official partnership with Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) beginning last year.

The mutual use of various original content, including remakes of Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese films and series, is drawing much attention. The remake of the Taiwanese film, Secret (2007), directed by and starring Jay Chou, is scheduled to premiere its Korean remake of the same title, while the Taiwanese drama series, Someday of One Day (2019), will premiere on Netflix in September under the title, A Time Called You (2023). In Japan, the drama series, Vincenzo (2021), was remade into a musical this year, while Parasite (2019) met with audiences as a play, and various attempts that use Korean webtoon as original contents are being made. Meanwhile, Korea recreated Mitsuyo Kakuta’s Japanese novel, Paper Moon (2014), as a drama series, and Akira Shiga’s novel, Stolen Identity (2017), as the Netflix film, Unlocked (2022). As such, the role of the Busan Story Market is becoming substantially more important as the boundaries between countries are gradually disappearing in the crossover of IP contents.

- Showing the Changing Trends in Asian Content Selections with High Levels of Execution and Visualization

This year, Busan Story Market’s Asian IP selections consist of 10 Taiwanese IPs selected by TAICCA and 6 Japanese IPs selected by Japan’s Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO). Indonesian IPs chosen by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia will also take part in the line-up. With the selection of various genres, from a fantasy that takes place in the near future to mysteries that hint at great suspense, as well as action, horror, and romance, which is particularly notable in Asia, the diversity is piquing interest.

For Taiwan, book IPs once again accounted for the highest proportion amongst the selections. In particular, the selection of Wu Xiao-le’s fiction novel, No Secrets between Us (MIRROR FICTION INC.), which received worldwide praise for its delicate examination of family and education in East Asian society, is garnering anticipation.

For Japanese IPs, a number of projects that have been published as translated works in Korean will also participate in the Busan Story Market. Such projects include Hotel Miacis (tentative) (KADOKAWA CORPORATION), Fragile (TOKUMA SHOTEN PUBLISHING CO., LTD.), Custard (JITSUGYO NO NIHON SHA, LTD.), and KOKKOKU: Moment by Moment (KODANSHA LTD.).

In addition, Indonesia, which has recently entered a period of cultural industry resurgence, is also awaiting its IP selection. The selection list will be announced on the official Asian Contents & Film Market website ( in September.

The selected Asian IPs will be officially invited to the 2023 Busan Story Market, and be provided with the opportunity to conduct business meetings with domestic and international film and audiovisual industry professionals to secure secondary copyright transactions. With the inclusion of projects at high levels of completion, the large numbers of participation by copyright institutions and companies is raising expectations for BSM, Asia’s largest IP content sales market.

2023 Asian Contents & Film Market, which is garnering expectation with the reveal of this year’s Asian IP selections, will be held for 4 days from Oct 7 (Sat) to Oct 10 (Tues) at Hall 1, Exhibition Center 1 of Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO).

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