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Published : Wednesday, September 20, 2023, 9:21 am
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Taiwan the Lucky Land Campaign extends till 30 Jun 2025. New pre-paid (E-ticket) card prize now available!


SINGAPORE, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Taiwan Tourism has been elevated from a Bureau to an Administration from 15 September 2023. Former bureau chief, Chou Yung-Hui, has been appointed the Administration's first Director-General. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications expressed its confidence in Chou's ability to attract 12 million visitors to Taiwan in 2024.

To commemorate this new milestone, a new pre-paid card prize has been added to Taiwan the Lucky Land Campaign!

Taiwan the Lucky Land Campaign is open to independent travellers (FITs) travelling to Taiwan. Participants can win prizes valued at NT$5,000 (approximately S$210) each for use in Taiwan from now till 30 Jun 2025. Participants have to hold foreign (non-ROC) passports, plan to stay in Taiwan for 3 to 90 days, are not members of tour groups, and are not applying for any group-related ROC travel incentives.

The NT$5,000 prizes are provided either in the form of a pre-paid (E-ticket) card or a set of accommodation vouchers. These prizes are valid for up to 90 days after issuance.

1. Pre-paid (E-ticket) cards:

Options are EasyCard, iPASS or iCash 2.0, all of which can be widely used in stores and on public transportation in Taiwan. Travellers can visit below list of websites to find out where these cards are accepted:

2. Accommodation vouchers:

Winners of accommodation vouchers will receive 5 vouchers of NT$1,000 each. Vouchers can only be used at participating hotels/homestays. Please refer to the campaign website for the list of participating accommodations.

Eligible travellers need to register on 1-7 days before their scheduled arrival in Taiwan. They will elect the prize they want to receive if they win. Successful registrants will receive a QR code by email.

On the day arrival in Taiwan, proceed to the event area at the airport's arrival hall. There will be instruction to scan the QR code to participate in the draw. Travellers must complete the lucky draw within the airport arrival hall on the day of arrival.

Winners are to present their passport and relevant supporting documents (including entry stamp, boarding pass, and electronic round-trip air ticket) to staff at the prize redemption area to collect their prizes. Winners receive the prize they have elected at the time of the online registration. Change of prize will not be entertained.

The campaign ends on 30 June 2025 or when all prizes have been issued, whichever is the earliest.

Taiwan the Lucky Land's visuals: please download from here.

Media contacts:

Taiwan Tourism Administration Singapore Office
Tel: +65 6223 6546


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