Spanning 4 continents from Türkiye, Kordsa celebrates its 50th year of global leadership

Published : Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 11:01 pm
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Kordsa, a global player in tire, construction reinforcement and composite technologies, has clocked half a century on its reinforcement journey that started in 1973. Operating in 7 countries - Türkiye, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, the USA, Germany, and Italy, with a total of 13 manufacturing facilities and providing employment for over 4,000 people across 4 continents, Kordsa continues to expand its global footprint in the fields of construction reinforcement and composite technologies while maintaining its global leadership in the tire reinforcement sector.

The 50th anniversary of Kordsa, a Sabancı Holding subsidiary, was celebrated with a special event held at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum with the participation of Güler Sabancı, Chair of Sabancı Holding, Sabancı Holding Board Members, Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper and senior executives from Sabancı Group. Employees and business partners from diverse geographical locations attended the event and were press event and the opportunity to witness company's 50-year success story.


Speaking at the event, Güler Sabancı, Chair of Sabancı Holding, emphasized that Kordsa has always stood by its customers, regardless of time or place, over the course of its 50-year journey and stated: "Today, if Kordsa, has become one of the world's leading companies in advanced material technologies, the primary factor is the presence of our customers. What defines Kordsa are our incredibly strong, meticulous, excellence-driven, and technology-focused customers. It is this passion for excellence that has propelled Kordsa to its current success. As a result, Kordsa has transformed into a company that reinforces two out of every three aircraft tires and one out of every three car tires globally."

Highlighting the rapid pace of change in the world, Güler Sabancı remarked: "One thing, however, remains consistent for Kordsa: Our purpose of existence that keeps us together, the importance we place on teamwork and collective wisdom, our unwavering commitment to high quality and our customer-centric approach. This mindset unites hundreds of employees from Indonesia, Thailand, the United States, Brazil, and Italy into one team. Just as globalization cannot be explained solely through commercial relationships, being 'global' is not just about exporting. It's about keeping a team together through all the time zone differences and cultural diversities, walking towards the same goal despite all the challenges. Kordsa is a global company because it has succeeded in doing just that."


Emphasizing that lasting success is more attainable through teamwork than individual efforts, Güler Sabancı remarked: "Kordsa has always been a leader in human capital and employee development. Even in our early days, we found ways to send our colleagues to prestigious international universities. Our colleagues continue this same approach today, notably through Sabancı University. To date, nearly 100 Kordsa employees have graduated from Sabancı University's development programs, and we continue to augment this number. Our perspective on development is not limited to university programs alone. Our Composite Technologies Excellence Center (CTCE), established in 2016 as the first university-industry collaboration of its kind in Europe, has become a symbol of our mission to lead in innovation. Today, over 100 faculty members, visiting researchers, doctorate, and master's students at this center are researching the advanced material technologies of the future, offering them to the world, to humanity and to our country."

Adding that Kordsa will continue to embrace the same values in its future achievements, Güler Sabancı concluded her speech as follows: “Kordsa's vision is to become a 'global advanced materials technology company.' To set a technology-focused vision is, in fact, a commitment to continuous development. It's about keeping pace with the spirit of the times, and even going beyond it. It's about involving your customers and stakeholders in this journey. The materials of the future will be a revolution, and Kordsa will surely be at the forefront of this revolution. The Company will extend its 50 years of experience and knowledge in tire reinforcement to composite technologies, construction reinforcement and new business areas. Kordsa will continue to reinforce life in different geographies and even in space. Just as stated in Sabancı Group Purpose; ‘We will unite Türkiye and the world’."


Kordsa CEO İbrahim Özgür Yıldırım stated: “The materials of the future signify new horizons. As an industry leader, we are aware of our responsibility. At Kordsa, the 'innovation engine' will continue to operate at higher speeds. A corporation is as strong as its values. With our global footprint, innovation, and sustainability leadership, we will continue to create value for our customers."

Emphasizing Kordsa's role in advancing technology for the entire world through its tire, construction reinforcement and composite technologies, İbrahim Özgür Yıldırım continued: “As of the end of 2022, we hold over 900 patents. We will continue our technology leadership guided by the light of knowledge and science. From the tires of cars on the ground to the wings of planes in the sky and parachutes of spacecraft, just as we are present everywhere, we will also create the future by strengthening and reinforcing it with the materials of the future. 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of Kordsa and the 100th anniversary of our Republic... To ensure this journey continues with determination and strength, we will move forward with new visionary perspectives, new strategies, and new paths, but with the same determination to grow. To make life safer, more efficient, and easier, we will continue to reinforce."


Additionally, during the first part of the event, keynote speaker and renowned expert in innovation, Professor of Technology Management and Professor of Asian Business and Comparative Management at INSEAD, Ben. M. Bensaou, shared comprehensive insights on the necessary thinking and approaches for organizations to spread innovation across the entire entity. Following Prof. Ben. M. Bensaou's speech, a panel discussion titled "Materials of the Future" was held, featuring globally recognized figures in their respective fields.

The panel included Rainer Egner, Global Sourcing Director of Sustainability and Reinforcement Materials at Goodyear, Dr. Mükerrem Çakmak, Reilly Professor of Materials and Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, Dr. Taylor Sparks, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Utah and Adrian Williams, Founder and Managing Director of Future Materials Group. The panel addressed the new trends and roadmaps in material technologies, considered a revolutionary force in the world economy. The event concluded with the Kordsa 50th Anniversary Cocktail.

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