[Media Actually] Trends of 2018 Chuseok Pilot Programs: ‘Encounter’, ‘Hobby’, ‘Knowledge’

Published : Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 3:26 pm
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The competition for the pilot programs was fierce in Chuseok(literally ‘Autumn eve’) this year. In total, the number of pilot programs, which was 12, was less than last year (which was 17). However, various programming strategies were tried; 6 one-off programs, 4 regular programs starting from Chuseok, and 2 holiday season programs. By broadcasting company, KBS showed 5, SBS 2, MBC 2, tvN 2, and Channel A 1, and KBS produced the most pilot programs this year as last year. MBC, once called as the strongest player in the pilot program, has not been able to make new attempts since the general strike last year, while KBS has been steadily making aggressive attempts.

The pilot program is advantageous in that it can reduce the risk of viewer ratings and production costs by watching the reactions of viewers before organizing the regular program. On the other hand, it can also be a checkpoint for checking the current and future entertainment trends and flows.

◆ Trends of 2018 Chuseok pilot programs are ‘Encounter’, ‘Hobby’, ‘Knowledge’

① 'Encounter,’ which contains our ordinary stories

Among 2018 Chuseok pilot programs, there were many "encounters". In case of SBS <Big Picture Family>, where four stars opened the photo shop with the concept of "the best shot to shoot and share while living" and take pictures with various people’s stories, the program featured encounters with ordinary viewers looking for photo shops. In case of MBC <Secret Workshop>, the encounter with the protagonist in the old things, tvN <Mom I’m Here> and KBS <Mother and Mackerel> illuminated the re-encounters with the celebrities and their parents, who lived together for a long time. As the programs that covered encounter as a theme recorded the top ratings among all of the Chuseok pilot programs, they were in fact the winners of Chuseok pilot programs.

Despite the fact that it was not a whole new attempt to put the stories of the public on the broadcast, the reason why the material that deals with someone's encounter recently became popular is that “meeting people” and the “way” of meeting with them and dealing with the story changed. In the past, it was a way of "introducing" those who were somewhat different and extraordinary people, but recently, they deal with the everyday stories of ordinary people who can be seen from anywhere through natural "encounter".

The peak of this trend was JTBC <Hyori’s Homestay>. The popularity factors of <Hyori’s Homestay> included not only the daily life of Lee Hyori and her husband but also sympathy shared by the ordinary and simple life of those who visited the guest house of Hyori. So then, the have been paying more attention to dealing with lives that are not much different from the ordinary people when dealing with the lives of celebrities. This trend can be read from the fact that “I Live Alone” and “My Little Old Boy” became popular while “Master of Living”, “Capture the Moment How is that Possible” and “Hello Counselor” were popular in the past.

② From travel to 'Hobby'

The keyword for 2017 Chuseok pilot program was 'Travel'. Still, there were some differences in concepts, but six of the 17 pilot programs dealt with travel. However, was it tired of too many travel programs, or was there a gap between trips that anyone could not leave on easily? There was not even one program among the pilot programs this year. Instead, they started to look at ‘hobby’ what people can easily try and enjoy in the daily life. SBS <Big Picture Family> dealt with the picture, and MBC <Secret Workshop> dealt with the workshop. They reflected the emotions and tastes of the young generation sharing and proud of their hobbies on SNS and YouTube. Hobby matches well with ‘SoHwakHeang(meaning small or a little but definitely happiness)’ in that people can try with a little money if they put their mind to through such as ‘one-day class’ and ‘YouTube self-study’, compared to a trip that takes more time and money. <Big Picture Family> and <Secret Workshop> basically have memories and stories in objects and photographs as a large framework, but they created more fun by adding a hobby.

③ Extension of Knowledge Delivery Area

Recently, knowledge delivery programs such as lectures have appeared. The infotainment program has been produced steadily in the meantime, but its domain has shifted from a high level of knowledge to common knowledge, basic knowledge, and behavioral psychology. And it started to be produced even in the program called "The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge”. The program deals with the desire for knowledge that is worth knowing in reality. 2018 Chuseok pilot program has applied various methods such as lectures, quizzes, and reasoning for knowledge delivery. In particular, KBS introduced a quiz platform, which has recently become popular in such as 'Jam Live', 'You Quiz on the Block', 'Sweet Quiz Room', and produced <Troublemakers in Rooftop House>, <Battle of Teachers>, and <Quiz on the Korea>. Moreover, tvN focused on human psychology and broadcasted <Just Happened Lab>. Therefore, how to convey knowledge in a funny way and not to feel like teaching might be the key to success of the program.

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