Facemoji Keyboard Launches AI-Generated Image Features to Inspire Users' Creativity

Published : Thursday, September 28, 2023, 11:00 pm

New AI features, Magic Avatar, Face Emoji and Memes, enable users to bring creative thoughts and messages to life with custom sticker sets and avatar images

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Facemoji Keyboard, the world's first content-creation keyboard with rich in-app resources, announced today three new Facemoji AI features: Magic Avatar, Face Emoji and Memes, which utilize generative artificial intelligence (AI) to unleash users' creativity and turn their words or photos into custom images, avatars and emoji sticker packs.

Available now on Android and iOS, the features offer new ways to interact with the app and showcase users' creativity:

  • Magic Avatar
    • Using Magic Avatar, users can transform one of their personal images into an AI avatar they can leverage on social media. After uploading a picture, users choose from a variety of trendy styles, including Anime, Cyberpunk, Minecraft-like, Comics and more – creating a custom, unique profile image.
  • Face Emoji
    • This feature allows users to create their own custom avatar sticker sets by uploading an image and selecting the design style of their choice. These avatar stickers can be easily swapped between design styles, unlocking limitless options that can be shared with others or used in chat conversations.
  • Memes
    • This feature helps users to turn their messages into funny memes. Users can then select their favorite meme to share in chats, adding further flare, fun and style to everyday communications.

"At Facemoji, we're committed to using AI to elevate our users' experience and communications," said Natalia Lin, Product Lead at Facemoji Keyboard. "Communication goes beyond the written word, which is why Facemoji is thrilled to offer AI-generated stickers and avatars so users can be even more trendy, personalized and creative when visually expressing themselves and their ideas."

Facemoji AI was launched in April 2023 and has since incorporated new features such as Ask AI, a chatbot function, and a Rizz function to help users express themselves with style.

Facemoji Keyboard has over 550 million global downloads and is available to users in 190+ countries and regions for free on Android or iOS.

About Facemoji Keyboard

Facemoji Keyboard is the world's first content-creation keyboard that allows users to find, design or invent the trendiest and smartest ways to express themselves. With Facemoji, users can fully customize their keyboard and create and share unique expressive designs, so every user can be a modern trendsetter in content creation.

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