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NEW YORK, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Sup Comics is excited to announce its presence at Tokyo Comic Con 2023, at booth E-32 from December 8-10th. This event marks a special opportunity for fans to get their hands on 'BLITMAP #2' ahead of its official launch on December 20th. The latest issue, featuring cover art by Dudu Torres and Toni Infante, promises more action and a deeper exploration of the Blitmap universe. 

Building on the global acclaim of the first issue in this enthralling 6-issue sci-fi series, which debuted as the #1 bestseller at Midtown Comics, 'BLITMAP #2' is highly anticipated. In keeping with the series' legacy and showcasing the innovative capabilities of Sup's Hyperpress technology, each printed copy of 'BLITMAP #2' will feature a 1 of 1 unique cover and come individually wrapped in an issue-specific foil blind bag.

Issue 2 features two new cover artists:

Dudu Torres: Dudu is one of Sup's in-house artists, who created the original Blitnaut art as well as the concept art for the Logos. With a background in concept art, Dudu has previously contributed work for a variety of video games, spanning the horror and action genres.

Toni Infante: Toni is an illustrator and cover artist who has created work for Marvel Comic and DC Comics, as well as video game franchises like The Last of Us, the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and more.

About BLITMAP Issue #2

Written by Jack Timmer with art by Matias Basla and Emilio Lecce. In 'BLITMAP #2', the narrative dives deeper, immersing readers in the enigmatic world of the Static—a mysterious realm where our characters find themselves unexpectedly separated. In this uncharted territory, they must battle formidable foes and navigate treacherous paths to reunite. Along this perilous journey, not only do new enemies lurk at every turn, but unexpected friendships also form, offering assistance in their quest to reconnect.

After successful showings at San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con, the first of six issues launched into comic book stores on October 25, for $4.99 USD. Issue 2 arrives on December 20th, with each of the remaining issues to be released at 6-week intervals. You can order from your favorite online comic shop, or better yet, use the comic store locator to find a shop near you.

Public Domain Universe

The Blitmap IP is completely open-source. This means that anyone is free to use the IP and imagery, in any way they want. The comic is Sup's sponsored contribution to the growing universe of Blitmap. Want to sell merch with Blitmap characters on it? Build a Blitmap video game? Create and monetize whatever you want - the IP belongs to you. Just don't duplicate the comic issue exactly and sell it.

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Blitmap #2 Blind Bag + Toni Infante and Dudu Torres Covers
Blitmap #2 Blind Bag + Toni Infante and Dudu Torres Covers


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