YOSHIKI’s directorial debut YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY | Clip featuring Yoshiki and The Chainsmokers

Published : Saturday, December 16, 2023, 8:59 pm
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The music documentary film YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY features the world-renowned rock star and composer leading a global concert featuring today's top musical artists.

Directed by YOSHIKI – leader of rock bands X Japan and The Last Rockstars – the project was conceived during the recent period when artists could not connect with their fans. YOSHIKI has gathered an unprecedented collection of artists for a deeply emotional journey, including a heartbreaking interaction with the husband of a terminally ill fan and a celebration of voices joined from across international borders.

With powerful live performances by The Chainsmokers (USA), St. Vincent (USA), Sarah Brightman (England), Scorpions (Germany), HYDE (Japan), SUGIZO (Japan), SixTONES (Japan), Jane Zhang (China), Lindsey Stirling (USA), Nicole Scherzinger (USA), and more, YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY demonstrates the power of music and YOSHIKI's message to the world that we can overcome any difficulties together.

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