ESG Planning Creates a Sustainable Future For The Beauty Industry

Published : Monday, March 4, 2024, 1:15 pm

HONG KONG, March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Environmental, social, and governance planning emphasizes the importance of sustainable development to customers and the environment. As one of the few advocates of concepts in the environmental, social, and governance industry in Hong Kong, Paul Wan, General Manager of ESG Planning, said: "Only through continuous professional improvement, focusing on corporate social responsibility, and being committed to meeting customer needs, we enable our clients to continue to be the trustworthy choice of their customers." He innovatively brings ESG concepts into the beauty industry, from interior design to different levels of service provision. It is not only forward-looking for the industry but also proves the feasibility of implementation. He hopes to encourage the industry to follow and demonstrate the benefits of ESG planning to society.

As a certified ESG planner and the general manager of ESG Planning, Paul believes governments, industries, and market participants worldwide must actively research and develop environmental, social, and governance. He believes that the development of ESG in Hong Kong is still at an initial stage, and there is still much room for growth. We hope that the public awareness of ESG will continue to rise and the concept will be transformed into practice. He said that the environment, society, and governance are urgent at the corporate level to promote sustainable business growth and create long-term value. All companies should start with carbon reduction. When planning ESG solutions for Foot Spa Moment Group, Paul integrated ESG principles into all aspects of design and operations. When conceiving store decoration, he implemented many ESG measures.

Energy-saving LED Lighting and Indoor Greening to Reduce Energy Consumption

Measures taken during this renovation project include using energy-saving LED lighting and planting green plants indoors, which can reduce energy consumption. New nano-steam technology is used in the steam room to heat ores and mineral salts through far-infrared rays to release minerals. It saves energy and water resources; on the other hand, it can enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. The steam room and all rooms are regularly disinfected using RAZE photocatalyst, and the store is also thoroughly cleaned immediately to ensure hygiene. The design achieves natural ventilation and lighting in the entrance lobby and improves indoor air quality. Based on health and comfort, he employs the design concept of symbiosis with the environment and sustainable development to provide customers with a healthy and safe indoor environment.

Use Environmentally Friendly Building Materials and Non-toxic Paint

In addition, Paul uses environmentally friendly building materials and non-toxic paints to decorate the entire store. He utilizes renewable energy and environmentally friendly building materials to reduce carbon footprints and emissions. This reduces the ecological load and energy consumption of chemical synthetic materials and the cost of material production. To reduce energy and resource consumption, using natural materials and low-VOC building materials for walls can reduce the harm of chemical synthetic materials to users.

Active Participation in ESG Public Welfare Activities and Promoting Low-carbon Life

Regarding social and corporate governance, Paul advocates female employment, regularly provides professional training to employees, improves their skills, and ensures high-quality services. In addition to implementing ESG measures internally, he arranges Foot Spa Moment to actively participate in public welfare activities involving cooperation with social welfare organizations and elderly care centers. They also organized community activities, such as distributing festive food and gifts to older people during festivals. In addition, they provide discounts for steaming experiences for college students and distribute coupons to professional drivers and nearby hotels to make social contributions. Paul said: "After the epidemic, people are more concerned about health, so he will ensure his client Foot Spa Moment Group provides a sanitary environment and supports environmental protection. ESG Planning will focus on energy conservation and carbon reduction, and it also goes into communities, schools, and other places to promote environmental protection and low-carbon life, fulfill the responsibilities, and contribute to society."

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