vLex Launches Vastly Expanded Vincent Legal GenAI Toolset, and AI-Focused Co-Development Lab

Published : Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 1:00 am

Global Legal Intelligence Innovator Adds Litigation and Transactional GenAI Tools, and vLex Labs, an AI-Focused Co-Development Unit

MIAMI, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Today legal intelligence innovator vLex launched a powerful suite of generative AI-backed document analysis tools for litigation and transactional practitioners to the Vincent AI platform. Vincent AI Document Analyze augments lawyers' responses to legal documents, drawing from the world's most comprehensive global library of legal information.

Vincent AI
Vincent AI

In addition, vLex now offers vLex Labs to select Vincent customers – enabling them to create proprietary AI-powered workflows with the help of a dedicated team.

These developments underscore vLex's commitment to developing innovative legal research solutions that go beyond retrieval to revolutionize how legal professionals work.

"With Vincent AI, you no longer have to choose between innovative technology and comprehensive content," said vLex CEO Lluís Faus. "Our platform offers a seamless integration of both, setting a new standard in efficiency, customization, and effectiveness across all legal practices."

Vincent AI Document Analyze

Vincent AI Document Analyze offers customizable GenAI-backed workflows that enable legal professionals to interrogate legal documents and use Vincent's legal analysis abilities to begin drafting strategic responses. Benefits include:

  • Rapid Analysis: Vincent summarizes documents, and compares law across jurisdictions, replacing hours of non-billable time in minutes.
  • Rapid Response: Vincent analyzes claims, generates defenses, and anticipates counterarguments.
  • Streamlined Contract Analysis: Vincent instantly carries out tasks such as identifying problematic clauses, and providing mitigation steps.

All insights are linked to primary and secondary law materials in vLex's global repository, enabling verification with one click.

The new document analysis feature can be used with documents from any region. Vincent AI's research workflows are available to legal professionals in the US, the UK, Ireland, Spain, the EU, Singapore, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia, with New Zealand launching in May 2024.

vLex Labs

vLex also launched vLex Labs - an exclusive in-house service that provides Enterprise customers access to leading experts on legal AI, uniting industry leaders such as Fastcase, Docket Alarm, Justis, and NextChapter.

Leading the team will be Dan Hoadley, who recently joined vLex as Head of R&D. The team will have a global scope, and work with firms to co-develop custom workflows, prepare data, and more.

About vLex

vLex is a global legal intelligence platform that provides legal professionals with access to the most extensive collection of legal and regulatory information worldwide, all on one award-winning, AI-powered, platform. vLex includes the Fastcase, Docket Alarm and NextChapter brands, and is trusted by more than two million lawyers, researchers, government departments, and law schools in more than 200 jurisdictions. The 2023 merger with Fastcase furthered vLex's commitment to developing AI-driven solutions for the world's legal industry and delivering the world's largest global law library of over one billion legal documents on a single platform. Get updates at and on Twitter @vlex.

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