Journey to RE/BiRTH: How Re/CASETiFY™ Has Given New Life to 84 Tons of Old Phone Cases

Published : Wednesday, April 24, 2024, 2:14 am

Tech accessory brand CASETiFY leads the industry's sustainability efforts by truly giving new life to any worn out accessory through upcycling and creative art installations.

LOS ANGELES, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- CASETiFY, the global tech accessory brand loved by millennials, Gen Z, and Hollywood celebrities, released today its yearly sustainability Impact Report, shedding new light on the progress of its Re/CASETiFY™ upcycling program. Together with the updated sustainability figures, the brand has also announced its month-long calendar of events happening in the United States, South Korea, Australia, and China that invites local artists to create useful art pieces using recycled cases. All of these are part of the brand's ongoing efforts to make sure the end of any phone case is the beginning of a new one in all possible ways.

The Re/CASETiFY™ process starts with its bins, located at more than 40+ CASETiFY Studio physical stores where the brand sells its products globally. Users can donate their old smartphone and earbud cases into the bin anytime, receiving store credit in return.

Upon processing all discarded plastic, new accessories are created and sold both online in over 180 countries as well as in physical stores. To celebrate Earth Month, CASETiFY has released its Impact Report, where it details the achievements of its Re/CASETiFY™ Program.

CASETiFY's Impact Report: A Transformative Journey Towards Sustainability

Over 84 Tons Of Plastic Saved

Through the Re/CASETiFY™ global recycling
efforts, over 84,000 kg of plastic has been
spared from landfills and given a second life
through upcycling and repurposing into new

The Rebirth Of Over 463,000 Trees

With USD$1 per every sustainable product
sold donated to the partners of
EARTHDAY.ORG, the brand has contributed
to planting 463,406 new trees back into
nature. This translates to an equivalent of
22,243,488 pounds of carbon emissions
removed from the atmosphere.

Re/CASETiFY™ Bins In Every Store

With a commitment to responsible recycling,
CASETiFY ensures that every CASETiFY
Studio store reserves space for customers to
recycle cases of any brand. The brand
continues incentivising consumers to take
care of their discarded cases.


Re/CASETiFY™ Across the Board

By the end of 2022, 80% of CASETiFY's
product portfolio was made with material from
recycled sources, 60% more than in 2021. In
2023, CASETiFY proudly announces that this
figure has increased to 100% usage of
recycled sources across all product

More images can be found HERE

Re/CASETiFY™ Creativity Around the World

In addition to the Impact Report, the CASETiFY one of a kind creativity ethos comes to light during Earth Month, with a host of events happening around the world that celebrate sustainable creativity. Using Re/CASETiFY™ pellets, artists and designers around the world are invited to create life-sized art pieces that will be displayed in public areas. This marks a significant milestone in the brand's ongoing commitment to sustainability, promoting artist's unique creativity, and environmental consciousness. These art installations not only serve as visually striking spectacles but also aim to engage communities and establish a meaningful connection between people and nature on Earth Day.

United States: From April 22 to 29, at Devocion Coffee Downtown Brooklyn, Re/CASETiFY™ will host an installation in collaboration with esteemed design studio Wade and Leta, offering a unique and creative experience that merges art and technology.

Australia: From April 15 to 29, at the CASETiFY STUDiO in Sydney Arcade, a collaboration with innovative furniture design company Eva awaits. The activation will showcase the Re/Treat sofa crafted with Re/CASETiFY™ pellets, seamlessly combining functionality and style.

South Korea: From April 28 to May 5, at the prestigious Seoul Arts Center, CASETiFY will unveil life-size installations by artists Youngmin Kang, Dayoung Hwang, and Surin Kim. Complementing these artworks will be engaging workshops themed around Earth Day that educate and inspire visitors on environmental consciousness.

China: From April 26 to June 10, at Aranya Beach in Qinhuangdao, CASETiFY will join forces with visionary artist zilin for an outdoor installation. The event will present a unique opportunity to connect with art and unleash creativity amidst a natural setting.

The Re/CASETiFY™ Collection

Last but not least, CASETiFY is thrilled to unveil its latest Re/CASETiFY™ collection with Re/CASETiFY™ Pellets, designed to breathe new life into old phone cases. Alongside the hero products, including the Bounce Case, Ultra Bounce, and Bounce Odyssey watch bands, the collection features a variety of prints inspired by nature and our precious Earth. Embrace sustainability while staying fashion-forward with the Re/CASETiFY™ Collection. The Re/CASETiFY™ Collection launches on on April 15th. It will be available for purchase online and at select CASETiFY Studio locations. To learn more about the collaboration, visit and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.



CASETiFY is a global tech and lifestyle brand with double headquarters in LA and Hong Kong, known as the home to the first and largest platform for customized tech accessories. Created with the highest-quality materials and most cutting-edge designs, CASETiFY's products empower self-expression by turning your personal electronics into highly designed, stylishly slim, drop-proof accessories. Known for tapping top artists, big celebrities and creatives for its Co-Lab program, CASETiFY gives brands and individuals the opportunity to share their unique visions with the world. With 30+ retail shops, CASETiFY Studio provides a one-stop, visual retail experience where customers can customize their accessories on the spot.  For more information on CASETiFY, its stores, partners and products, please visit


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