Terra Drone, Unifly, and Aloft Technologies Launch UTM Development for AAM Targeting Global Markets

Published : Thursday, April 25, 2024, 7:00 am

World's first collaboration by multiple UTM leaders aims to enable AAMs to take off around the globe

TOKYO, April 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Terra Drone Corporation, a leading drone and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) technology provider headquartered in Japan, has announced the launch of joint development with its Group companies Unifly NV ("Unifly") and Aloft Technologies Inc. ("Aloft") focused on UAS Traffic Management (UTM) (1) for AAMs targeting global markets. Terra Drone has been making strides in its pioneering UTM business via strategic investments in Unifly, a leading UTM technology provider based in Belgium, and Aloft, which has the top UTM market share in the U.S. This collaboration marks the world's first-ever (2) joint UTM development for AAMs by multiple companies with extensive track records in UTM implementation and operation. The three companies made the announcement at the prominent uncrewed system and robotics expo XPONENTIAL 2024 in San Diego.

Terra Drone, Unifly, and Aloft are embarking on this joint UTM development to seize the opportunities presented by the rapid global progress in electric vertical take-off and landing aircrafts (eVTOLs), which are poised to revolutionize transportation. According to research by Morgan Stanley, the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market is expected to grow to $1 trillion by 2040 and $9 trillion by 2050 (3). In the meanwhile, eVTOLs have been capturing the public's imagination worldwide through test flights and prototype showcases.

The three companies are uniquely positioned for joint UTM collaboration given their decade of experience in UTM development since the dawn of the modern drone industry. Terra Drone is the world's second-largest drone solution provider (4). Unifly has a world-class track record in UTM implementation at the national level in countries such as Canada and Germany. Aloft has an over 84% share of the UTM market in the U.S. (5), considered the world's largest market for drones and eVTOLs.

The companies proudly announce initiatives aimed at enhancing their existing UTM platforms, in anticipation of the upcoming surge in eVTOL aircraft and drone activities. The shared vision for the UTM platform is to enable safe and efficient flight operations for eVTOLs and drones in the foreseeable future. The platforms are designed with a strong emphasis on automation, currently boasting advanced planning functionalities and sophisticated NOTAM (6) parsing capabilities, underscoring our commitment to supporting AAM.

Recognizing the evolving needs of the AAM industry, they are dedicated to further extending their platform by incorporating additional functions vital for this sector. These enhancements, designed with automation at their core, will not only streamline operational efficiencies but also pave the way for the integration of their increasingly automated and sophisticated UTM technology into the design and operational framework of AAMs. Through these efforts, they aim to set new standards in UTM and to facilitate the seamless integration of eVTOLs and drones into the national airspace, bolstering the potential for the AAM industry.

In pursuit of this vision, Terra Drone, Unifly, and Aloft are actively seeking collaboration with a broad array of partners. This includes eVTOL manufacturers, eVTOL operators, vertiport (7) operators, aviation authorities, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), urban planners to seamlessly integrate AAM into city infrastructures, and educational institutions for research and development.

Through this groundbreaking initiative, the three companies aim to build a global UTM infrastructure that kickstarts the AAM industry worldwide. By forging strategic partnerships across these diverse sectors, they seek to create a cohesive ecosystem that not only supports the growth of AAM but also addresses the broader challenges of urban mobility, sustainability, and air traffic safety.

Notes to Editor:

1. UAS Traffic Management (UTM): Serves as a platform for the safe, efficient operation of multiple unmanned aircraft flying in the same airspace.

2. According to Terra Drone's research.

3. Research by Morgan Stanley in a report titled "eVTOL/Urban Air Mobility TAM Update: A Slow Take-Off, But Sky's the Limit" [Link:]

4. According to the "Drone Service Providers Ranking 2023" by Drone Industry Insights [Link: -in-2023]

5. Calculated based on an FAA low altitude authorization and notification capability (LAANC) report and Aloft user data. See "Aloft Launches New Fleet & UTM Capabilities, Surpassing 84% of LAANC Airspace Authorizations In September" [Link: https://]

6. NOTAM: A notice distributed by means of telecommunication containing information concerning the establishment, condition or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard, the timely knowledge of which is essential to personnel concerned with flight operations. ICAO Annex 11, "Air Traffic Services" [Link:]

7. Vertiports: Dedicated areas used for the arrival, departure, and ground movement of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft

About Unifly

Unifly is a leading aviation tech company dedicated to enhancing the safety and efficiency of autonomous aviation with cutting-edge technology. The Unifly platform acts as a crucial bridge within the UAS ecosystem, enabling the safe and secure integration of next-generation aircraft into the airspace. By digitizing and automating traffic management and integrating seamlessly with drones and Urban Air Mobility (UAM), Unifly addresses the exponential growth in air traffic expected in the coming decades. The company has a proven track record of implementing more than ten commercial UTM deployments, establishing it as a world leader in this industry.

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About Aloft
Aloft Technologies, Inc., founded in 2015, is at the forefront of drone fleet and airspace management. Powering over two thirds of all drone airspace authorizations in the United States, Aloft is the #1 FAA-approved LAANC UAS Service Supplier (USS). Aloft's patented dynamic airspace platform is integral to the Aloft UTM which has, to date, powered over 1 million airspace authorizations. Aloft's diverse user base spans recreational, commercial, government, law enforcement, and advanced air mobility sectors. Air Aware is the latest edition to Aloft's UTM platform that also includes Air Control for advanced fleet, team, and airspace management, and Geo for public safety and other verified agencies to publish safety and compliance information directly onto the Aloft airspace maps.
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About Terra Drone

Terra Drone is a pioneering drone and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) technology company headquartered in Japan. With the mission to "Unlock X Dimensions" and create a prosperous future by "crossing" bridges, Terra Drone integrates diverse fields to foster innovation and find solutions. The company's proprietary, patented technologies in drones, sensors, and software are the foundation of its specialized solutions that range from surveying and inspections to pesticide spraying and are revolutionizing key industries including oil and gas, construction and engineering, chemicals, electricity, and agriculture on a global scale.

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