COMPUTEX 2024 Preview | Embracing the Era of High-Capacity SSDs

Published : Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 1:47 pm

TAIPEI, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- During the COMPUTEX 2024 exhibition from June 4th to 7th, Mnemonic Electronic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mnemonic), Longsys's Taiwan subsidiary, will showcase a series of high-capacity SSD products under the theme "Embracing the Era of High-capacity SSDs," providing solutions for global users of high-capacity SSD products.

The lineup of high-capacity products presented by Mnemonic includes the ORCA 4836 series enterprise NVMe SSDs and the UNCIA 3836 series enterprise SATA SSDs. These products are equipped with the latest enterprise-grade 128-layer TLC NAND flash memory, offering high performance, low latency, adjustable power consumption, and high reliability storage solutions for enterprise-grade users such as servers, cloud computing, and edge computing, with a maximum capacity of up to 7.68TB.

In addition to SSDs, high-stability enterprise-grade memory products such as 96GB DDR5 RDIMM and 192GB CXL 2.0 memory expansion modules will also be featured. These products support memory pooling and sharing to meet the growing data processing demands.

Addressing industry applications, Mnemonic is also introducing high-performance industry-grade memory products suitable for AI PCs and HPC, including 4TB/8TB PCIe Gen 4*4 M.2 2280 SSDs, 4TB XP2300 PCIe Gen4 SSDs, 2TB XP2200 PCIe Gen4 BGA SSDs, providing high-performance PC and laptop customers with a wider range of memory options.

Furthermore, the products showcased at this exhibition also include the Mnemonic MS90 8TB SATA SSD, FORESEE 512GB QLC eMMC, LPCAMM2, CXL 2.0 AIC memory expansion modules, among others.

The Mnemonic MS90 8TB SATA SSD supports speeds of up to 6Gb/s (Gen3) via the SATA interface, with backward compatibility to Gen1 and Gen2. It also supports various low-power consumption modes, making it suitable for applications such as near-line HDD replacement, monitoring, and high-speed rail systems.

The 512GB QLC eMMC adopts advanced processes with higher density and is equipped with Longsys's in-house WM6000 controller chip. Packaged in Longforce Suzhou, it can be applied in mainstream consumer smart devices like smartphones.

The new form of memory, LPCAMM2, integrates the latest LPDDR5/5x chips, potentially bridging the gap between mobile DRAM and PC applications. It unlocks new design possibilities for applications demanding high frequency, low power consumption, and compact packaging, catering to AI terminals, commercial equipment, and ultra-thin notebooks.

The CXL 2.0 AIC memory expansion module is packaged in a full-height and full-length PCIe Add-in Card (AIC) with 8 DDR4 RDIMM slots. Memory capacity can be expanded up to 512GB, supporting direct-plug memory pooling for multiple compute node server clusters and storage pool cable direct connections.

Mnemonic foresees the increasing demand for massive computational power in the AI era, prompting a significant focus on memory capacity. Hence, the low-power, high-capacity, and efficient cooling storage products are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into various application scenarios, notably in servers and AI terminals.

Longsys is a publicly listed company (301308.SZ) based in Shenzhen, China, primarily engaged in the research and development, design, packaging testing, manufacturing, and sales of semiconductor storage application products. The company has developed core capabilities in memory chip design, controller chip design, firmware algorithm development, packaging testing, and production manufacturing, providing solutions for consumer-grade, enterprise-grade, automotive-grade, industrial-grade storage, and industry storage software and hardware applications. As of the date of this press release, Longsys's market capitalization is approximately USD 5.225 billion. The sales scale in 2023 was approximately USD 1.427 billion, and in the first quarter of 2024, Longsys's sales were approximately USD 616 million, with a year-on-year growth of 200.54%, showing rapid growth momentum (data source: 2023 annual report).

Mnemonic distributes all of the Longsys B2B memory and storage product lines in Asia and Europe, providing local sales and after-sales service support for these products. At present, products are divided into four major product lines: embedded storage, solid-state drives (SSDs), mobile memory and memory modules, with applications in both consumer and industrial fields. The company's storage solutions are widely used in smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, computers, communication devices, wearable devices, Internet of Things (IoT), security monitoring, industrial controls, automotive electronics and other industries, as well as personal mobile storage.

To create a high-quality communication environment and enhance visitor experience, Mnemonic will host a meet-and-greet session at the booth. The booth is located at Room 535, 5th Floor, Building 1, Nangang Exhibition Center, No. 32, Section 1, Nangang Road, Taipei City. We invite industry peers to explore Mnemonic's cutting-edge product lineup and witness real-world application scenarios. We look forward to exploring the future of storage with you at the exhibition and embracing the era of high-capacity SSDs.

[Event Address] Room 535, 5th Floor, Building 1, Nangang Exhibition Center, No. 32, Section 1, Nangang Road, Taipei City
[Event Time] June 4th to June 7th, 9:00-18:00

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