How to Open a Bubble Tea Shop: CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Scales Up Support for Aspiring Small Business Owners

Published : Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 9:00 pm

To be highlighted at the upcoming International Franchise Expo, the world-leading bubble tea brand is expanding support and infrastructure for boba-loving entrepreneurs, offering:

  • New training programs for successfully opening and operating a bubble tea store
  • Expanded US logistics and supply channels
  • Single-store franchise opportunities continue to be available — for anything from pop-ups to brick-and-mortar storefronts
  • A trust-based partnership with no hidden fees and focused on long-term success

NEW YORK, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading boba tea brand CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice today announced a major expansion of regional infrastructure and support for US entrepreneurs, to be highlighted when it attends the upcoming International Franchise Expo in NYC (Hall 1B, Booth #1021, May 30-June 1). Part of the franchise-based brand's push to empower young, diverse entrepreneurs, this latest move helps enthusiasts to pursue their dream of opening a bubble tea shop by taking advantage of the brand's single-store franchise opportunities.

To explore opening up your very own bubble tea shop with CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, please contact:

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"Our franchise partners are the real heroes of CoCo's growth journey," remarks Kody Wong, Director of Business Development at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice. "As we continue to expand, it's crucial that we also scale up the support system we offer—and show them the way."

What can CoCo offer me as a franchise partner?

New initiatives include:

  • Training infrastructure in the US for success in the bubble tea industry
  • Scaled up US supply and distribution channels to augment flows of boba materials

What the brand already offers:

  • No hidden fees and a trust-based partnership designed for long-term success
  • A major global footprint and high brand recognition, carrying over directly to the success of each shop
  • Extensive supply chain helps to stabilize costs for partners
  • Pre-opening preparation
  • Daily operational and troubleshooting assistance
  • Comprehensive training and support programs for seamless coordination with CoCo's head office

Bubble tea zeal spreading throughout the Americas

As reported by Bloomberg, the current US bubble tea market is valued at an impressive $640 million, with projections for growth to $2.2 billion within the next decade — a staggering 300% increase. With bubble tea gaining substantial popularity, particularly among the younger demographic through social media platforms such as TikTok, CoCo continues to see enormous potential across the Americas for tea-loving entrepreneurs and for the brand itself. Besides new upcoming openings in Texas in the US, bubble tea has already become popular in Latin America, with multiple new CoCo stores opened across the region, including in Mexico City; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Lima, Peru.

Showcasing single-store partnerships at IFE

Amid this growth, significant numbers of young, diverse entrepreneurs have shown an interest in establishing a bubble tea franchise business with CoCo. Aimed at empowering these entrepreneurs, this latest expansion for single-store franchise infrastructure is the brand's key focus at the upcoming International Franchise Expo. For master franchisees and corporations, the brand will also share information on its multi-store franchise opportunities during the event.

About CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice aims to create a diverse and sustainable community for its consumers by providing visually refreshing products. We continue to be one of the fastest-growing companies and are looking for enterprising partners to join the CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice franchise networks. Check CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice's official website and start your application now.

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