Singer MASHIHO (former TREASURE) Announces Three Consecutive Monthly Releases

Published : Saturday, June 1, 2024, 4:39 pm
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MASHIHO, who recently announced his solo debut as an artist, will release digital singles for three consecutive months starting in June. The first track, "Just the 2 of us," will be available for streaming on June 26, with the album cover unveiled.

Co-written by MASHIHO, the upbeat and refreshing tune is perfect for summer. The lyrics focus on his gratitude towards his fans who have supported his musical journey.

The second track is scheduled for release on Wednesday, July 17, and the third on Wednesday, August 28.

<MASHIHO’s Comments>

I hope everybody who listens to this song finds a personal connection to the lyrics, and that it becomes a small source of motivation in your daily life. Please look forward to the three consecutive months of releases!

<MASHIHO Profile>

Born on March 25, 2001, in Japan.

He is a trilingual (Japanese, Korean, English) solo artist gaining global attention. He captivates listeners with his sweet voice and outstanding dance skills.

After debuting with a major entertainment company in Korea and later leaving the agency, he took a one year hiatus.

He announced his return to the public stage as a solo artist on March 25th of this year. Now he is set to release his first solo song, "Just the 2 of us."

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● Release Information

Digital Single "Just the 2 of us"
Available for streaming from June 26.

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