24th Busan International Film Festival Announces 6 Selections for the Open Cinema Section

Published : Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 3:12 pm
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 The 24th Busan International Film Festival reveals 6 Open Cinema selections which to be screened at the BIFF Theater located in Busan Cinema Center from October 4th to 11th. Open Cinema, one of the submission categories presented by Busan International Film Festival, features latest films that boast both its cinematic quality and popularity, as well as the highly acclaimed ones that have garnered much international attention.

This year’s Open Cinema section is composed of various genres that gratify one’s senses with entertainment and its high quality. Included are 99 songs – Indian musical romance film, which Oscar-winning for Slumdog Millionaire world-renowned A.R. Rahman composed the original score and songs, The Sky Is Pink – a family film starring a world star Priyanka Chopra from American tv drama Quantico and Zaira Wasim from Dangal, Les Misérables – a contender for the Cannes Grand Prix alongside The Parasite, Martin Eden – Venice International Film Festival’s Coppa Volpi Award winning that vied in the competition section, Looking Up – a $15 billion box office hit in China, and Jazzy Misfits – the comedy adventure of a veteran actress Cho Min-soo and versatile singer and actor Cheetah. In addition, The King of the Gala Presentation section and The Parasite of the Icons section will be screened outdoor at the BIFF Theater as well.

■ The Open Cinema Section Screening List

99 Songs
Director l Vishwesh KRISHNAMOORTHY

A musician’s quest to understand his purpose and passion. It is a journey of heartbreak and redemption, of loss and faith; an ode to the timeless power of love and music. 99 Songs is co-written by A.R.Rahman, who composed the original score and songs.

The Sky Is Pink
Director l Shonali BOSE

An incredible love story of a couple spanning 25 years, told through the eyes of their spunky teenage daughter – Aisha, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. It stars Priyanka Chopra and Zaira Wasim from Dangal. The love of a family beyond life and death is beautifully reflected.

Les Misérables
Director l Ladj LY
“I dedicate this film to all the miserable people of France and else-where.” This is the touching speech of Director Ladj LY at the Cannes Film Festival. Pleasant but heartbreaking. Violent yet gracious. Dynamic and deep. Majestic Les Misérables of the day will adorn the Open Cinema section.

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Martin Eden
Director l Pietro MARCELLO
Italy, France

When Martin falls in love with wealthy and well educated Elena, he is captivated by his lust to be a writer but faces a dilemma over love for the woman he hopes to marry and disparity in social hierarchy that leads to a conflict with her bourgeois family.

Looking Up
Director l DENG Chao, YU Baimei

In the vast space, an astronaut has suddenly lost contact with the mission control center. In the darkest hour of his life, he recalls the lessons taught by his father.

Jazz Misfits
Director l NAM Yeonwoo

Sundeok is a singer in Itaewon, and one day her mother who cut connections long ago drops in and insists her to find her sibling. The second child has stolen money from the mother and Sundeok and run away. They start ransacking Itaewon thoroughly.

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