EBS Documentary 'Themes Around the World-Journey through Canada, a Winter Wonderland' Preview

Enjoying the Skiing and Aurora of Canada through Your Screen
Published : Friday, October 5, 2018, 8:15 am

■ Introduction

The world is big with lots of places to visit. However, we have limited amount of time on our hands. Is it really impossible to visit all the places around the world? There is a TV program that solves this problem: EBS Themes Around the World.

Themes Around the World is not just an ordinary travel guide program, but is created to provide a firsthand experience of traveling as if one was backpacking around the world. There are many travel guide TV programs and information can be easily obtained through books and internet. However, what makes Themes Around the World different and special, nonetheless, are it’s “themes” and “curators”.

The first reason why Themes Around the World is special can be found in its title. The program does not simply introduce famous tourist sites. Every episode has a theme and visits the places related to the theme. By doing so, we can visit places that are not yet known to many people and visit the places we already know of with a completely different perspective. Following the scenery seen in movies in Japan or experiencing Shakespeare in London can only be found on Themes Around the World.

So how are the themes decided? Here is the second reason why Themes Around the World is special: each destination is led by a different host called the curator. From professors, writers, musicians to sportsmen, curators from various fields select and introduce a destination according to the chosen theme. With their expert knowledge in the different fields, curators provide unique and diverse aspects of the destinations that are unfamiliar to us. They not only lead the tour themselves, but are also the narrators of the program. The expertise of the curators allows the viewers to obtain in depth understanding of the destinations.

Let’s take a look at a destination Themes Around the World introduces. The place we are going to look at is Canada. The curator who is going to guide us through Canada is the junior freestyle ski team coach Chang Bum Koo. Shall we start the journey to the winter wonderland?

■ Banff, Encountering the Winter Rockies

Banff National Park, Canada’s first national park, is the gateway to the Canadian Rockies. Chang Bum Koo shares a vivid and lively experience of the Canadian Rockies as he skies down the Banff Lake Louis ski slope. He also explains in detail about “tree run” where skiers ski through trees. Curators offering insights into details that otherwise will not be noticed is something only Themes Around the World can offer.

■ The Hidden Treasures of the Rockies, Canmore and Jasper

Located between Calgary and Banff National Park, Kananaskis is a vacation city in southwestern Canada. It hosted the alpine skiing during the 1988 Winter Olympics held in Calgary. A helicopter tour of the beautiful Rockies is also available in Kananaskis. Derived from the word that means “stone wall” in Cree language, mount Yamnuska is famous for its scenery often seen in movies such as Legends of The Fall and Brokeback Mountain.

To the south of Banff National Park is Canmore National Park. Various activities like dog sledding, horseback riding, and hiking to fully enjoy the Canadian Rockies are available at Canmore National Park.

To the north of Banff National Park is Jasper National Park; one of the largest national parks in Canada. Its name derived from the word “jade”, waterfalls and lakes of beautiful colors can be seen at the national park.

One of the many beautiful sites of Jasper National Park is Maligne Canyon. It is known for its beautiful scenery of Maligne Lake in the summer and ice walking over the frozen canyon in the winter. Glacier hiking up the Angel Falls also provides a spectacular view in the winter. Last but not least, not too far from the Angel Falls is Queen of Maligne, a waterfall too beautiful to miss.

■ Capturing Aurora, Yellowknife

Isn’t aurora somewhere on everyone’s bucket list? You can see and experience aurora without the long hours on the plane through “Part 4 Capturing Aurora, Yellowknife”. The North Pole isn’t the only place where aurora can be seen. It can also be seen in Canada.

Yellowknife is known as the “capital of aurora”. The temperature reaches the low of minus 30°C to minus 40°C in the winter and the high of 30°C in the summer. Yellowknife is located on latitude 65~70°, allowing aurora to be seen. Free from air and light pollution, Yellowknife is an ideal place to capture aurora.

One can only wait to see the aurora. The program introduces various activities for the long waiting hours. People go fishing on snowmobiles surrounded by fields of snow. Looking at the scenery and waiting for the fish not only provides tranquility but also makes the long wait for aurora precious.

Waiting for something in the cold that freezes everything instantly can be difficult and tiring. However, the view of aurora is definitely worth the wait. Aurora is a phenomenon that occurs due to the clash of solar wind particles and molecules of earth’s atmosphere and some people call it the “god’s soul”. You will understand why when you experience the aurora on Themes Around the World.

■ Conclusion

We had a look around Themes Around the World under the theme of “Snowfields of Canada”. The tour was made more interesting and informative with a ski coach as a curator. Themes Around the World will visit many more places with various different themes. How about traveling to one of your dream places with Themes Around the World this evening?

Part 1. Banff, the Winter of the Rockies

Part 2. Canmore and Jasper, Deep in the Rockies

Part 3. Lake Louise, a Romantic Winter Lake

Part 4. Seeing the Aurora, Yellowknife

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