Dow Chemical ‘LABSense’ Collaboration Model Press Conference

Published : Wednesday, July 6, 2016, 5:57 pm
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On the morning of July 6, Dow Chemical held ‘LABSense’ collaboration model press conference at COEX Intercontinental Hotel, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

The event is prepared for introducing Dow Chemical’s new collaboration model, ‘LABSense.’ Chad Holzer, Global Business Director of Dow Chemical, Suiniaty Basirun, Business Director of Dow Chemical Asia-Pacific area, and Kwon Hyung-jun, Director of Dow Chemical Korea, attended the event.

Chad Holzer said, “LABSense provides brand operators the chance to collaborate with Dow’s ingredient scientists and trend experts, and the value more than that.” And “Of course, as well as shaping the concept of complete product based on Dow’s ingredients and using them at demonstration, it is possible to satisfy demand of the market quickly and effectively by responding to the consistent change of consumer trend.”

▲ Dow Chemical held the press conference introducing ‘LABSense.’

▲ Chad Holzer said, “Various chances and values will be provided through ‘LABSense’.”

According to the announcement, ‘LABSense,’ presented from Dow Chemical’s ‘Home, Institutional, Personal Care Solution Department,’ is a collaboration model for personal care brand operators. It is a program where brand operators from each region can consider and share information together at Dow Chemical so that they can accelerate innovation. This model supports related information such as ingredients, components, or combination to let companies manufacturing personal care products, construct the complete product concept that is the closest to the recent consumer trend.

Especially, as it is the collaboration process progressed in terms of labs so that it could be progressed on a small scale, it has the advantages that brand operators would feel less financial and scalar burden, and rapidly respond to the trends. In addition, Dow Chemical explained that, in case of finding out the optimal concept of complete product, it is possible to extend the scale through small scale process.

Likewise, Dow Chemical named the concept, created through ‘process making the best product by collaborative companies and Dow Chemical putting their heads together,’ ‘Hero Concepts.’ In case of the products created through this ‘Hero Concepts,’ they are connected with deeper collaborative relationships than the concept of ODM, which is well used in the recent cosmetic industry. Therefore, as well as personal care products like lotion and cleanser could maintain luxurious, it will be easier to respond to the recent trend that pursues multifunctional sustainability.

Meanwhile, to inform this policy, Dow Chemical participates ‘In-Cosmetics Korea 2016,’ which is held at COEX over two days until July 7, promotes ‘LABSense,’ and argues cooperative plans with personal care brand operators. Moreover, it introduces various complete product concepts for demonstration of main components for personal care products that satisfy demands of domestic and global consumers.

▲ ‘LABSense’ provides scientifically expert knowledge through collaboration with each lab.

▲ Through knowledge about premium ingredients, it suggests improved portfolio.

▲ It is explained that it can satisfy consumers’ demands and more easily respond to the recent trend.

▲ The products related to ‘Hero Concepts’ are introduced.

▲ Suiniaty Basirun demonstrated one of the ‘Hero Concepts’ products.

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