Jung Hyun-Sik CEO of Haimarrow Food Service, took office as the 7th President of Korea Franchise Association

Published : Wednesday, December 18, 2019, 6:41 pm
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The Korea Franchise Association held the awards ceremony of '2019 Korea Franchise Award' to settle the year of the Korean franchise businessmen on the 16th. After the ceremony was completed, the 2019 year-end party and inauguration of the new president were held.

First, CEO of Gymworld Inc. Park Kee-Young, who was the 6th president, looked back on the past. “Back to the Basics,” the adage reminded me to get back to basics. I decided to find a solution in win-win, the basis and core of franchising. I proclaimed the apology to the people and promised to
reform and change. I asked the Fair for a time for change. In fact, I didn't expect it, but Chairman Kim Sang-Jo gave me three months. Soon after, I formed a ‘Franchise Innovation Committee’ with academia, civil society organizations and lawyers and published the ‘Reform plan’. Since then, the hurricane has swept away and the atmosphere has finally stabilized as we all begin to seek change.”

And he asked the industry officials to empower the new president. “I have no doubt that the 7th president Jung Hyun-Sik, who created a franchise success story with endless creativity and passionate challenging spirits, will take the ‘K-franchise’ to the huge ocean while breaking the waves and rainstorms. Do you not believe that President Jung Hyun-Sik will lead us through the crisis and open up the global K-franchise era? Please give a big round of applause to President Jung Hyun-Sik.”

▲ Park Kee-Young, CEO of Gymworld Inc., has finished his term.

▲ Jung Hyun-Sik, CEO of Haimarrow Food Service, took office as the 7th new president.

▲ The new president presented a vision to find new ways to keep pace with the times.

Jung Hyun Sik, CEO of Haimarrow Food Service, was handed the flag of the association as the 7th president and made a valedictory speech. “Please give a big round of applause to the 6th president Park Kee-Young, who has beautifully retired.”

He then seriously talked about the business issue. “There is a lesson I learned from my own business; 'Good times to sell will never come before or forever. The market is always competitive and the situation is not always good. Nevertheless, new markets are always open.'”

After introducing two episodes of successfully bouncing back after failure, he suggested following promises.
1) I will move away from quantitative growth and open the era of qualitative growth of the Korean franchise.
2) I will create a strong association that represents the profits of member companies.
3) I will operate the association in a way of providing practical help to the members.
4) I will expand the K-franchise to the world.

The new president Jung Hyun-Sik pledged, “In October next year, the World Franchise Council (WFC) will be held in Seoul. And it’s been 10 years. At that time, to the heads of franchise associations in over 40 countries, I will introduce Korea's state-of-the-art franchise development combined with the 4th industry, namely robots and AI, and the excellence of K-franchise. I will prepare carefully not to miss the opportunity again in the globalization of K-franchise.”

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