NXP Semiconductors Executive Vice President and Representative of Automobile Business, Kurt Sievers Visiting Korea Commemoration Media Round Table

Published : Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 4:50 pm
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On September 29, NXP Semiconductors Korea (Chairman: Shin Bark-jae) held media round table attended by Kurt Sievers, Executive Vice President and Representative of Automobile Business of NXP Semiconductors, and Lars Reger, CTO and Vice President of Automotive Department of NXP Semiconductors at its office building.

Having been working for Philips and NXP Semiconductors, which is spun out from Philips, for total 21 years, Kurt Sievers is a living witness of semiconductor industry who went through development of semiconductor solution, marketing, sales, and business generalization. Especially, he is serving Chairman of Automobile Business in this year, the 10th anniversary of NXP Semiconductors from when it has spun out from Philips.

Visited Korea together, Lars Reger has charge of Director General of automobile-related research development and new business, and administers the business that introduces mainly about the company’s products and solutions to domestic automobile industry-related companies. He had visited Korea and participated in the press conference about automotive held by NXP on July 13.

▲ Kurt Sievers, Executive Vice President and Representative of Automobile Business of NXP Semiconductors

▲ After HELLA, ‘Google’ is mentioned as a main partner of NXP’s automotive area.

NXP Semiconductors took the leadership in automotive area after acquiring Freescale Semiconductor for $11.8 billion last year. Especially, by securing entire portfolio in automotive area, it established itself as a major partner to domestic companies which promote future new businesses such as driverless cars in automobile area.

Kurt Sievers introduced that the percentage of automobile industry in NXP Semiconductors reaches 40%, and pointed out that Korea’s quick adaptation that can be seen throughout the automobile industry has large synergy with NXP’s business. Especially, with the market scale of automotive semiconductors that is expected average annual growth rate of higher than 6% until 2021, it is emphasized that Korean conglomerates’ concentrated investment is big business opportunity.

NXP Semiconductors provide entire lineups such as SoC, chip, sensor, and node to automotive vendor. Particularly, in Korea, it was selected as V2X chip supplier to construction project of Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS), which has been pushed ahead by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. So it is providing road link chipset to WAVE Communication solution. At the press conference, it was noticed that it will play an active part in PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic, as it was sealed at the first round of competition.

▲ Lars Reger, CTO and Vice President of Automotive Department of NXP Semiconductors

▲ At this visit, smart key and center fascia-based wireless charging solution are introduced.

Lars Reger took charge of introducing major solutions that are being suggested to domestic partners. First, MagniV microcontroller-based solution, one of the assets acquired from Freescale, and modules are mentioned as major products. It is explained that, by keeping up with the automobile industry trend where the proportion of electronization is increasing, the company’s solution contributes to reducing the number of components and enhancing efficiency.

Next, 15W wireless charging solution that can be placed on the center fascia and armrest is introduced. It is explained that it will contribute to equipping high speed charging solution which is three times as fast as the original wireless charging solution to the vehicle. In addition, security-enhanced automobile access portfolio is introduced.

A typical product that Lars Reger mainly explained was ‘smart key.’ As next generation technologies are integrated into the smart key, it will gradually provide more innovative possibility in vehicle control. As UWB transceiver, motion sensor, and etc. are added, vehicle control by using them is expected to be more varied.

▲ Two important figures representing NXP Automotive Business visited Korea for close consultant with domestic client companies.

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