A Flexible Packaging Company Revamps Their Traditional Supply Chain Models and Adopts Innovative Operational Strategies Using Custom Market Research|

Published : Friday, July 3, 2020, 10:11 am
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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#flexiblepackagingindustry--Infiniti Research, a leading market intelligence solutions provider, has recently announced the completion of its latest custom market research for a flexible packaging company. This success story provides comprehensive insights into how our custom market research solution helped a flexible packaging client based out of the US to better understand their customer demands and enhance their overall sales by 23%.

The key challenges faced by the client include :

  • Rising tariff on raw materials
  • Rapidly changing customer buying behavior
  • Increasing operational costs

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Infiniti’s custom market research comprised of:

  • A customer intelligence engagement to gather insights on primary customer needs and identify reasons behind customer switching to different brands
  • A market trend analysis study to identify trends in the flexible packaging industry in the United States
  • A competitive intelligence engagement to analyze competitors’ strategies and identify growth opportunities

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The market research engagement helped the flexible packaging client to:

  • Understand customers’ buying behavior and innovate packaging materials to suit online shoppers’ needs
  • Identify the best technologies and processes to invest on to yield huge savings
  • Make technology upgrades before their competitors
  • Revamp traditional supply chain models and adopt innovative techniques

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